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Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat, but there’s one thing that you should really know, and that’s this: with what Jupiter and Uranus are doing, there’s a whole sense of freedom in the air at the same time. And I’m not just talking about getting away from things, but freedom of self. It seems that you’re in that place of revolution again, not fighting with people or anything like that, but identifying what you need for yourself. The love planets are also in a strong place and you’re going to be feeling it emotionally, so it’ll be very clear what you’re looking for in a social area too. It’s important that you properly wind down from work if you’re lucky enough to have Christmas off. During Christmas itself, it’s the long term that is on your mind, while it’s ambition that’s important as the New Year bells ring out. It’s not been the easiest of years, but you’ll start to feel positive about 2017 as soon as a few days into December.


There’s a lot of upheaval going on in your horoscope this month, Taurus, but of the good kind. Your ruler Venus moves into the wonderful, yet unpredictable, sign of Aquarius and puts you in a place to be clear and upfront – plus you’re under the spotlight. Bask in it. Jupiter opposing Uranus also strikes up a sense of freedom in you, and you put yourself first for the first time in ages, and you’re going to stand up and be counted. Yes, your individuality is so important right now. The Gemini full moon midmonth causes you to look at monetary areas, and a decision has to be made around that time too, I’d say. Better then than after the 19th when Mercury goes backwards. This trickster planet can also throw a spanner in travel plans and communications. The moon’s in your opposite sign on Christmas Day so it’s partnerships and family that count, while it’s an ambitious New Year for making big plans. You’re setting up freethinking for 2017 and I love it for you.


There’s one thing that you must know Gemini, the small matter of two weight planets clashing: yes, expansive Jupiter and unpredictable Uranus are in the ring. The fusion of these two cosmic giants sparks your creativity – and your ideas are really going to be something else, so the more you work on them the better things will be. The sun in your opposite sign can make you feel a bit drained of energy, but this won’t last for long, and once the sun hits Capricorn on the 22nd, you switch things up wonderfully. Love planet Venus in Aquarius sets up a search for the different because the norm just doesn’t appeal. On Christmas Day itself, the Scorpio moon requires lots of energy and investment from you. The moon in Aquarius on New Year’s Eve, meanwhile, can mean that an unusual plan could be a winner. Oh, and one last thing, please make sure that you do all your organising and shopping before the 19th because that’s when your ruler Mercury goes backwards.


It’s a biggie up there for you this month, Cancer. I’ll get the iffy news out of the way first: Mercury going backwards in Capricorn means that it’s important that you make arrangements early on, not after the 19th (when it turns). Get your Christmas cards and presents in the post early in other words. There’s also a lot going on emotionally, and your intuitions are strong and there are lots of things being revealed to you consciously and subconsciously, and perhaps even in your dreams. This is all what’s happening on the inside. On the outside, a sense of freedom comes over you and you’re not going to put up with restraint. Christmas Day itself is quite wonderful for you because the moon’s in your sister sign of Scorpio, as for New Year itself, it’s in Aquarius, so it’s all about the long term for you. Love, peace and harmony really do work, you know. You’re setting up big things for 2017 and you’re not going to sit still in anything that’s for sure.


Jupiter is aligning so strongly with Uranus that there can’t help but be change in the air. A truckload of it. There’s also a sense of freedom in the air along with it that frees up some of your more unconventional ideas, and this is what’s leading us all into 2017 with you at the vanguard, so it’s about recognising opportunity and going for it. Love planet Venus in your opposite sign of Aquarius makes you look at all kinds of partnerships and weigh up what you’re getting from them. The sun gets ready to move out of your sister sign of Sagittarius on the 22nd and into Capricorn so it’s a busy time, and as Mercury goes backwards just before it, please pay attention to what needs careful handling in your job area. It’s a homely Christmas Day for you, and you want to feel connected with your nearest and dearest, while New Year’s Eve, and with the moon in Aquarius, it’s time to party. You’re going to start 2017 in a strong and creative way, on the back of love, friendship and support that come to you – all bound up with a sense of healing.


Christmas just might come early for you because Jupiter expands your worth, your finances and your sense of fun, and as Uranus is also involved, this has a marked effect on you because of where it sits in your chart. What this means is that you’re paid handsomely for what you work hard for, and it can happen rather quickly. I love it for you actually. There’s also a sense of revolution in you, and wanting freedom at all costs that goes hand in hand with shaking off those shackles that have held you back in the past. There’s also a very strong connection to friendship and luck, plus there’s also a full moon in Gemini midmonth, so please focus on the long term around this point. Your ruler Mercury goes backwards on the 19th I’m afraid, so please double check everything, and bear in mind that there could be miscommunications with younger people. Christmas Day will be a chatty day with lots of movement, and as for New Year, you’ll be thinking silently what 2017 holds for you. Whatever you want to change will work.


Jupiter in your sign is expanding opportunity in your life and helping you change what you don’t like in such a wonderful way. It happens to be opposing another cosmic giant this month, Uranus, so you’ll be dealing with the outside world and will have to roll with the punches more than usual. This vibrant energy continues well into 2017, which is a good thing. Love planet Venus moves into your sister sign of Aquarius too, and this planet in this sign brings lots of laughs and fun your way, that’s for sure. There’s also a full moon in Gemini midmonth so this is time for decisive action, especially considering that communication planet Mercury goes backwards after the 19th causing untold commotion. Christmas Day itself will be extremely meaningful and you’ll have a greater sense of worth. There’s tremendous purpose to you, you’re also creative and fun, and you’ll enter 2017 with such gusto and a sense of self that’s inspiring to others.


Jupiter is helping you cleanse your life, but erratic Uranus is opposing it this month, so you might come up against some opposition. Now, these two planets’ energy fusing together brings a sense of freedom, and change is in the air, from now until into 2017. This is when you face fears and clear out of the way what you no longer want and need, so it’s important that you embrace every bit of it. Prepare to go forward. Love planet Venus in Aquarius brings a connection to the roots of your life, and the full moon midmonth also gets you back on the subject of cutting things out from your life that have outstayed their welcome. On Christmas Day itself Mercury will be backwards, so watch what you say and also make sure that you’ve planned travel arrangements down to the letter. The moon in your sign on Christmas Day makes it a most heartfelt one, while the Aquarian moon at New Year could make this one a deep for you, yet you’ve more strength than you know. You’re clearing the slate and starting anew.


It’s your month because the sun is in your sign, for most of it at least, giving you the ability to think and plan. The sun and Saturn meet in your sign also, and this brings a solid, structured time for you, which is excellent all round. Your ruler Jupiter opposes Uranus throughout this month and this will continue into 2017, and this is all about freedom and opportunity, and trying to stimulate them both in your life. Love planet Venus in Aquarius makes socialising easier, and if you’re looking for love, then I think that it could be on your doorstep. The full moon midmonth means that what doesn’t fit your life any longer is out. No half measures. On the 19th, Mercury goes backwards so be very careful what you sign from here and for the remainder of the month, especially financially. Christmas Day will be a thoughtful one, but as for New Year, the Aquarian moon ensures you’ll be having a ball.


For most of this month the sun sits in Sagittarius so you’re feeling wistful, and you think emotionally. But Jupiter and Uranus also oppose, so the effect you have on the outside world is a big one, and helps you identify your own needs, and this brings destiny with it. This is the month when, if you embrace challenges, not only will this month be excellent, but so will 2017. This is a fabulous time all round in fact – but don’t forget to have fun, and know your worth in it all. Mercury in your sign helps you get your point across, and you’ll look at what needs to stay and what needs to go midmonth and then take action before the 19th hopefully because this is when Mercury turns retrograde. The sun in your sign on the 22nd means that Christmas is here, and the Scorpio moon tells you that it’s not a quiet Christmas Day, while the moon in Aquarius on Hogmanay could be expensive, but you’re also leading the pack.


Jupiter and your ruler Uranus in opposition is one planetary clash that you can’t run away from. But what would you want to? It brings your individuality and freedom to the fore – so, Aquarius, it’s about taking a chance and not being afraid to stick to your guns even when it feels like you’re in the minority. Mars in your sign also gives you power, dynamism and passion in all forms, and you’ll ride this wave with some great ideas well into 2017. It’s also a passionate, joyful and strong month emotionally, and if you’re looking for love, there’s opportunity galore out there. The full moon midmonth asks you what kind of Christmas you want, but make plans before the 19th because that’s when Mercury goes backwards. On Christmas Day itself, your emotions are on show more than you know, and as the bells ring out the moon’s in your sign and change is on the way. It’s a wonderful time so I really do hope that you enjoy it!


Jupiter and Uranus oppose this month and this is like two giant cymbals crashing together. Talk about a sense of freedom. You’re probably thinking ‘what next?’ I’d say that this depends on your own sense of worth, so I put it to you, where are you going? What are your needs? Are they being met? 2017 is all about expansion, and there’s lots on the go, as well as opportunities to change elements of your life about that aren’t gelling. This is a magical month for you in so many ways, Pisces, and this really means something to you and this helps you look at what you need to change for yourself. Love is deep and thoughtful, and you’ll also be connecting with family midmonth. On Christmas Day itself it’s party time – just pay attention to arrangements because Mercury is backwards so confusion reigns. As for New Year, it’s a quieter, thoughtful time, but remember that your skills are excellent. Show the world your worth and what an excellent month you’ll have.




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