Your April horoscope


It’s time to ask yourself ‘where’s my life going?’ That’s because this is your month and it’s time to sprinkle some Aries magic over the picture – and with the sun and Uranus in your sign, and a full moon in Libra, your opposite sign, people, outside situations and opportunities all really matter, and the ship you thought had sailed probably hasn’t. Don’t blink because things could happen in an instant. But please take your time and don’t do anything rash either. You’ll also start to look at friendship and relationships from a deeper place, and I also want you to look more closely at finances from mid-month onward, although please don’t write off financial luck having your name on it. I think it does. You’re an Aries, remember, and whatever you choose to create can go on forever. I absolutely love it for you.


It’s a turning-point month, even though your ruler Venus is backwards and will continue to be so until the middle of the month, and this puts love and affection at the top of your agenda. Have you been here before? What is it that your relationship brings you? Can things be rebuilt? Yes they can, especially after the 14th – and you can clearly choose what works and what doesn’t after this mid-point. But be very careful and cautious about finance because Mercury is retrograde and I’m sure you don’t need reminding of how much this muddies the waters. The fab news is that Mars in your sign gives you power, as does the full moon powering your working world around the 12th, and the sun in your sign after the 20th really is the cherry on top of the cake. Listen to your inner voice throughout.


With the sun in Aries, you’ve got so much energy, and I’ve got to say that you’re potentially connecting with ambition – and with Uranus involved, you won’t be held back one iota. But with your ruler Mercury backwards, I also want you to be aware of tricksters operating in your life at the same time. Keep a sensible head on your shoulders. The full moon in your sister sign of Libra on the 12th is helpful, and I’ve got to say that love is all around you at this point, and Venus, retrograde in Pisces, can put you in the right place at the right time. Yes, Gemini, it’s all stacking up in your favour mid-month. I love it for you. The sun in Taurus on the 20th is great for your spiritual well being, and Mars moving into your sign on the 22nd means that nothing, and I mean nothing, will stop you going after what you want. Relationship areas and romance areas are on the move. too.


The sun at the top of your chart is sparking with Uranus – and what this means is that you’re going to be individual, and not afraid to go your own way and set an example, even if it feels like you’re rocking the boat. Things come at you unexpectedly, and although this might make you dizzy, you won’t fall over. Yes, Cancer, you’ve arrived. You’re under the spotlight. This is the biggie. Venus backwards into your sister sign of Pisces stirs up thought processes and asks you to look for contentment in places that you’ve been disregarding or overlooking. Once it goes forward mid month, holiday prospects improve, and when Mars moves on the 22nd, you’re either going to be very subtle or extremely blatant in the way you conduct yourself. You’ll be helped, I just know it, and don’t rule out the fact that things have been working behind the scenes. You’re not alone.


All the fireworks going off in your sister sign of Aries is fabulous on top of fabulous. You’ll sure have some strong opinions during these 30 days, but the key to this is that you could be changing your mind, and suddenly you may decide that what you always believed in, like a personal philosophy or entrenched point of view, no longer stands. Please also remember that Mercury retrograde can cause mayhem with travel and technology, yet there’s electricity in the air, and I also reckon that the hand of destiny is shaping things also. If you’ve asked the universe for some kind of intervention, then please let it do its work and perhaps take your ego out of the equation. I want you to dream big after the 22nd.


Are you ready for a jam-packed month? Read for all the sparks that are going to fly? You can be a bit of a cautious sign, but this month you’re going to pull out all the stops because the opportunities are coming thick and fast. The only fly in the ointment is that your ruler Mercury turns retrograde, as it does three times a year, and as I’m sure you know by now, this is when things seize up, break down, or you’re held up on journeys, and if you’re involved in signing anything financial, please go through it all with a fine-tooth comb. Surround yourself with positivity as much as you can – and I think that friends will step up to the mark, or you could even meet a new friend. As the month wanes, your intuition is correct. Take action accordingly.


I happen to think that you’ve got the upper hand this month, Libra, because you’ve got lucky Jupiter in your sign, expanding opportunity like you wouldn’t believe, plus you also get a very real sense of where you’re going and if the path you’re on is, indeed, the right one for you or whether you should change course. If the full moon in your sign on the 12th is about you changing your world, then you can do it, and changing your mind isn’t a crime either. Your ruler Venus goes backwards until mid-month and this can make you nostalgic, and Mercury is also backwards after the 9th and so it’s important that you pay full attention to your finances and not be too cavalier. The sun hits Taurus on the 20th, and there’s excitement on the way shortly afterwards, yet you also have the expertise to tackle anything complex.


What a stonkingly great month this is going to be for you Scorpio. The cosmos is going to do wonders for your constitution, and I’m really quite excited about it all for you. That’s because when the sun and Uranus get together like this the sparks will fly, and in your case this opens up doors of opportunity at work, or health issues that need looking at and worked through will be. This is also the time for getting fit. Plan for the future. Think big. But we also have a retrograde Mercury to cope with, so anything to do with contracts and finances, you’ll need to go through it all with a fine-tooth comb and plan meticulously. Be clear with what you say and please take nothing for granted. Waves of change are on the way, and although you might fear this, you’ll be waving not drowning.


Is Saturn in your sign getting you down a bit? Then I have exactly the news that you want to hear. Yes, Sagittarius, you get a right good boost from the sun and Uranus in your sister sign of Aries this month – and you’re going to get an opportunity, perhaps out of the blue, to expand your life and take it to new heights. This is an ambitious time across the board, and I think there’s something you’re waiting to get off the ground, but Mercury retrograde might delay it slightly, that’s all. There are also wider issues with this planet, like miscommunication with work colleagues, and perhaps some slight setbacks. But by the end of it all you’re firing on all cylinders. People want to help. Don;t quit before the miracle happens and set your sights higher than other people’s expectations of you.


Everything begins and ends at home for you this month, Capricorn. The sky’s bound to fire you up domestically and might even cause you to question or change how you run your home, but it also brings up stuff that you haven’t dealt with from the past. There could be sparks flying and old feelings come back into life and you won’t be able to hide what you’re feeling from the world, even if you have been managing to so far. It’s also a busier social time for you, so you could be entertaining or throwing a party, but I hope that you’re seeing things for what they really are, and not looking at them through rose-tinted glasses. It’s big for you on the work front after the 22nd – I’ve also got a funny feeling that there’s abundance coming where there used to be slim pickings, and this kind of turnaround always brings self-empowerment.


Your ruler Uranus is sending the sparks flying this month and your individuality into overdrive, energized by two other cosmic giants: the sun and Jupiter. I have to say that you’re going to be putting yourself first at long last, and at the core of this is you getting more active, and more questioning of your beliefs and belief systems. Travel is also on the cards. It’s time to go the extra mile and not to undervalue your contribution, but also please be careful that you don’t go mad spending money that you don’t have by bending the plastic out of shape. I’m afraid that chaos can and probably will happen with Mercury going backwards, and your private thoughts might be jumbled up, but please don’t over promise or you might end up under delivering. By the end of the month, you’re on fire and things are turned on their head once more.


The sun in Aries mixes with Uranus this month, and when these two planets get together anything can happen. But I think that what’s more important is that you hold on to your sense of self-worth and value the contribution that you’re making. Love planet Venus is also back in your sign, and this is a great thing, highlighting love and opportunity in abundance. You may also feel nostalgic, and Cupid could well be pitching up in your life, too. Retrograde Mercury can cause chaos with travel plans and contracts, and it really is so so important that you go through everything with a fine-tooth comb. The pace of life quickens after the 20th, and this is when you dream big even if other people try to pour cold water on them. There’s also a helpful person around, if you look carefully.

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