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The one thing to know about this coming year is that your individuality is going to rocket off the chart. Key people usher in opportunity early in the year, while Saturn helps you clear away the dusty old ‘debris’ that you don’t need and, boy, will you reap the benefits of streamlining come the end of 2017. Take your time here though, Aries. Be methodical. Dot those i’s and cross those t’s. You’ll get a career boost, and once the long term’s your focus, you won’t look back. What a year.


Let’s break it all down for you in greater detail.  2017 starts off in a magical way and you hit the ground running because you feel so alive and quite the revolutionary because of what Jupiter and Uranus are up to, and, I’ve got to say, Neptune and Mars aren’t far behind, giving you that certain je ne sais quoi. Jupiter’s also asking you to look back over the past six years to assess whether it can be improved upon, changed, or whether you can move on in order to make the most of the second half of what is a 12-year cycle in all. If you start well then you’ll finish well, is all I’ll say on that one.


You’ll feel younger in your outlook during February and March and this is when you can make lots of things happen in a creative vain, thanks to two wonderful eclipses. Uranus in your sign wants you to change your world, and the status quo of your life is going to be rocked dramatically. This is such an amazing turnaround for you.


The move of Jupiter in October means that your head is screwed on, and any business partnership that you enter into truly could be something else. This is also an opportune time for improved cash flow and for finance in general, and Saturn’s arrival in Capricorn in December is also fabulous for you making your mark on the world if you’ve been holding back for  reasons best known to you.


Hot dates 

For love: 3rd February For work: 5th October



And now for something completely different. Change is coming Taurus whether you like it or not and the cosmos has its sights set on what you need to change rather than what you want to change – so this will become your focus. The quicker you accept this, the quicker you’ll ring in all the necessary changes – especially in your career. You’re also onto a winner romantically, so prepare to have your head turned as the year finds its feet, while Jupiter’s autumn move is your opportunity to turn a relationship around, or find a new one.  


Here’s my breakdown of it all for you from start to finish. You’ve been putting up with simply making do or longing for a better life for you personally, and you often forgo your own pleasures in order to make other people happy. No more. This is all about striking out for you. Improved money and status is going to be all bound up in this and it’s important that you put your shoulder to the wheel in the first few weeks of 2017.


Jupiter and Uranus also oppose at the start of the year. This might panic you slightly because you like everything just so, not even little surprises really. But these two planets can be quite magical when they do their thing, and will merely give you a taster of something a lot bigger that will come fully into view from October onwards.


The eclipses in February are all about the roots of your life, but March sees that you’re in a stronger position over career. This is also a time for strengthening existing bonds in a relationship – or you could find a new partner once Jupiter moves into your opposite sign of Scorpio in October. Ask yourself every day ‘where am I going?’ or ‘What do I want?’ You’re going to be given the rewards once you ask for them. Simple as.


Hot dates


For love: 6th June For work: 22nd October 




Expect magical changes in your career in 2017. You’re ambitious and focused on what you need for yourself– but your side of the bargain is to keep it real. I can’t tell you how important this is, Gemini. Jupiter switches your focus in the autumn, boosting ambition even further, while it’s all about long-term plans when Saturn returns home to Capricorn in December. You’ll come to know yourself better, and find that you’ve more creative clout than you think. 


Here’s more of an in depth look at it all for you. The year starts with Neptune opposite Mars and this can either spark dreams or cause confusion as to which direction you’re heading in or who’s really on your side. All you can do is try to keep it real. A connection to ambition will also be keenly felt strangely enough, even those ones that you think are unattainable. I’d like you to really focus on what you wan and shoot for the moon in pursuit of it.


There are two big eclipses in February, two cosmic signposts if you like, so this is the month of great direction. This is also the time when you’ll say to yourself ‘I know where I’m going and I know what I’m going to do’. I love it for you. The sun in your sign in June returns some of your magic if it’s been lacking, and this is traditionally a time when you’re full of ideas and communications. 


I want you to raise yourself up, carve out a new niche, look or a new beginning and a new opportunity, and also remember that this is the last year of Saturn opposing you, and the more you build, the more you see and the more you have in your life that’ll last the distance. You also have more support than you think up until December.


From October onwards, it’s time to roll up those sleeves and what you achieve will be long lasting because the rewards are simply amazing. Get ready for them.


Hot dates


For love: 5th July For work: 9th December




Action stations, Cancer. You’re coming out of your shell more and more and boldly going where few crabs have gone before – towards individuality. Be yourself. Be different. Not just for the sake of it, but because it feels right. Some of you could be moving house in 2017, or at least altering the way you live, and the move of Jupiter in the autumn sprinkles its magic over your social life and blesses you a youthful outlook.


Here’s a further breakdown of what your year holds for you. From January to March, planet Uranus will be asking you once again what it is that you need to change from the grassroots up or at a core level, make you question where you’re heading in life generally, and what effect you want to make on the outside world and on your career. You need security, and, yes, there’ll be turbulence, but you’re a survivor and you’re also incredibly canny and can make a very little go a very long way. 


The February eclipses start up a chain reaction in connection to money your sense of worth and security, and you’ll also take on new skills and new opportunities around this time, surprising both yourself and others with how quick you are on the uptake. Jupiter makes its move in October and something magical happens for you around this time, as you become inspired and younger in your attitude and outlook.


Saturn spends its last year in Sagittarius and this can be tiring for you at times throughout the year. It can be hard work changing jobs, but, boy, what you’re building can also last a lifetime. 


Hot dates


For love: 31st July For work: 22nd November




You’re creative and fun and this all comes out in you during February’s eclipses – and we all need your fun quality in our lives so don’t you go getting all serious on us during the rest of the year now. 2017 is when people and outside world in general really matter so focus on the needs of the many rather than the few. Jupiter’s move in autumn can change the very roots of your life, and Saturn’s switching signs at the end of the year brings a step change in your career. 


Here’s more of a breakdown of it all to keep you right. I have to say that there’s rather a lot of confusion in the air at the start of the year, but you’ll have little choice but to focus on new angles, new thought processes, new skills, and perhaps even new beginnings. Maybe it’s about letting it all out if you’ve been bottling up tension, while for other Leos it’s about decisions and turning the page. Although you might feel like you’re left holding the baby as January takes hold.


February brings an eclipse in your sign. This is a biggie. Whatever creativity takes hold of you around this time, please don’t let it go or underestimate your ability to make something wonderful from it. This is also a time to make brave decisions about your future in terms of relationships and what you truly want. Not what other people seem to think that you want.


After October, Jupiter brings you new ideas for home decor, and some Leos may be moving house around this time – and possibly somewhere you need to be for yourself, which is kind of your theme for 2017.


Saturn in your sister sign of Sagittarius has been solidifying ideas and encouraging you to be more mature generally for the past couple of years just about, but this planet moves in December into Capricorn, so whatever you’re setting up at the end of the year takes in 2018 and 2019 believe it or not. Yes, Leo, it’s that big.


Hot dates


For love: 26th August For work: 20th December




Lucky Jupiter’s backing you every inch of the way, and if you focus on the long-term goals between the start of the year and the end of spring, it’ll reward you big time. You’re going to be so organised and this can bring a lucky financial change, too, as you bring order to chaos. Jupiter’s autumn move sparks fabulous ideas in you and gets you living life instead of it feeling like a dress rehearsal.


Here’s a bit of a breakdown for you, spotlighting the most important aspects throughout the year. It’s not where you start it’s where you finish, or so they say, but I don’t quite agree with that where you’re concerned because this year is about all the steps you’re taking – including those all important first steps of course. You’ll make good, solid progress throughout the year and every advancement counts. 


You should find the people that you need come on board right from the word go, and you get a glimpse of what life could offer you, although certain people are a bit scatty and confused in January, so you might need to appoint yourself the practical one. This is a lucky start to the year, and your ruler Mercury going forward helps you concentrate on where you want to be fun and recreation-wise.


The eclipses in February strike up fabulous thoughts and ideas that help you cut away what you don’t need, and please keep ‘em peeled for the subtle ‘signposts’ that are all around you. 


Lucky Jupiter moves into Scorpio in October and this is when your ideas and your communications become really brilliant, and Saturn in Sagittarius is going to help you make them materialise right the way up to its move into Capricorn in December.


Hot dates


For love: 20th October For work: 19th January 




Your new year starts with a bang. Don’t back down or hide your individuality away – because you’ve got the luckiest planet in your sign. Yes, Jupiter wants you to think big and to change absolutely everything about your life that you no longer want or need. Don’t dither here. You’ll focus greatly in a financial undertaking once Jupiter leaves your sign in the autumn that’ll render you better off in so many ways. Believe in your own power to initiate change.


Here’s your breakdown of what promises to be a magical year where you should embrace all the change that’s around. What were you doing 12 years ago? Maybe this is when you finally put the finishing touches to a chapter in your life before you close it, knocking on the head that negative stuff which has been repeating in your life. 


Uranus opposes Jupiter at the start of the year and these two planets really work so incredibly well together and help you adapt wonderfully towards embracing all these new and wonderful changes. Jupiter brings you the gift of understanding on top of all this, and you couldn’t really ask for anything more to combat potential emotional stand-offs.


Neptune and Mars can make you feel uncertain at work in January, or like you’re not really concentrating fully because there are so many distractions around. The February and August eclipses are big on ambition for your sign, and the more you stretch yourself during both months, the bigger and better things will be for you. Please don’t turn your nose up at any opportunity that’s going and grab what you need for yourself. 


Jupiter’s move into Scorpio in October is all about your own sense of worth as well as plumping up your finances, while Saturn will move in December to a place where it’ll have a marked effect on the roots of your life, and you’ll really come to understand what you can offer once you apply yourself. Maybe you should also be thinking about streamlining around this time?


Hot dates


For love: 14th October For work: 18th February




You’re getting chance after chance to clear away the old in order that the new will flourish. Take your time to separate what really matters from that which doesn’t, and especially when it comes to how you earn your daily bread. Apply yourself. Set some targets. Then you’ll make major impact. As Jupiter enters your sign in autumn, magic starts to happen and you begin something new for you, or you become the leader that we all follow. 


Let me break it all down for you. During most of the year, Jupiter in Libra helps you clear away all the elements of your life that are holding you back and this is a good thing, and with Saturn in Sagittarius, there’s reality checks over money, worth and what you have to build. 


You may also start the year feeling shakier or more unsettled in your job, but I think that there’s a boost on the way in this area, or possibly concerning your health, like getting fit. February’s eclipses are huge cosmic turning points for us all and bring you the direction that you may have been lacking, so you’ll know where you’re heading, and will be on the ball creatively. 


August is also a big eclipse month, stirring up deep-seated feelings and turning your attention to personal or family matters. But the real magic happens when the mighty planet Jupiter arrives in your sign in October bearing its many gifts, and this is when you come into your own and start to feel so alive. You suddenly know that you’re able to receive many of the good things that life has to offer, and make life-affirming decisions. 


Hot dates


For love: 7th November For work: 28th January 




With Saturn in your sign, where it’ll remain until the end of the year, it’s been a maturing time for you. This planet is helping you build firm foundations in your life from the bottom up that will stand the test of time, and, yes, there’ll be hold-ups but this is the stuff that makes your future stronger and brighter. I think it’s absolutely brilliant for you. Put all your energies behind what’s important and you’ll see great results in the next ten years. Yes it’s really that big.


Here’s the breakdown of your year with a few planetary highlights. Your ruler Jupiter guides your ambitions beautifully and so you start the year off on a mature way, but full of Sagittarian fire nonetheless, and if you see an opportunity or think about exploring or striking out in a new direction, then you do all of this in a very mature way. This is no time for anything knee-jerk or explosive, so take time to make sure that it’s all well thought-out and that it’s worked at.


The February eclipses open your mind, possibly stimulating movement abroad or connected to the Internet, and the very roots of your life are shaken and stirred when you finally, and bravely, decide what you want and need for yourself. Without apology. The eclipse in August is also a terrific launch pad some of your more unorthodox ideas that you muted in the past to please others.


October brings you deeper understanding because your ruler Jupiter is on the move again, and this is also the time for a big clear out of old fears without making and big song and dance about it. But the big news is that Saturn leaves your sign at the end of the year, and what a legacy of maturity, level-headedness and structured thinking it’s left you. Set your sights even higher around your birthday time.


Hot dates


For love: 1st December For work: 10th March 




With Pluto in your sign you’ve so much power at your fingertips, but power is everything or nothing  – it’s what you do with it that counts, and you’re the one calling the shots. It and the sun get together at the beginning of the year and show you a piece of destiny, and it’s at this point that you have the power to change your life. Your ruler Saturn returns to your sign at the end of the year and you’ll achieve so much more than you could possibly know. 


Here’s the breakdown for you with some of your 2017 horoscope highlights. There’s a lot of activity right at the start of the year in fact, like Jupiter and Uranus opposite each other, and this is the time when you decide on exactly where you want to be in your career, and this could possibly expose what has been hidden below deck, so to speak, for ages.


The eclipses in February stimulate your thinking in an expansive way. This is a time when you’re going places and will be buzzing of it, while in August, a month of two further eclipses, your focus is trained towards issues around money and self-worth, and this is also when people that you least expect come on board and really help you out. 


October’s Jupiter move changes everything and makes you extremely ambitious – you’ll be doing it your way and the individual Capricorn will be there for us all to see and learn from. You’ll be on fire by the end of the year in fact, growing as a person and possibly breaking free from self-imposed restraints.


Hot dates


For love: 25th December For work: 21st April




For the last two or three years you’ve been striving for tremendous stability and individuality, and this year’s eclipses, as well as everything else that’s happening in the sky, help bring this about.  Jupiter in Libra urges you to realise the potential you have, and its autumn move propels you forward in your career, so make sure you give it everything you’ve got at this time. Later in the year, Saturn relieves you of the people that aren’t really with you on your journey.


Let’s have a right good look at what it all means for you, Aquarius. There’s a lot of confusion hanging around at the start of the year, and I want you to trust your own instincts and judgement on which road to take if you’re presented with a few options. Which you will be. Your journey through January is an exciting one nonetheless, where you’ll be enlightened and embrace new philosophies and new ways of doing things as you go, yet this is accompanied by an odd feeling of being like an eggshell bobbing on water, lasting until roughly the end of February, that you might not be able to shake. 


The energy off of February’s eclipses can take you right the way through to August, and this energy is all very helpful when it comes to tending to partnerships and getting back on the same page. The second eclipse is all about money and knowing exactly where you’re heading, and this is a time to lose the pig-headedness and avoid any of those knee-jerk reactions that look so tempting.


New skills and study is what Jupiter in Libra is all about for the majority of the year, but when it moves into Scorpio in October, you’ll stand up and be counted in your career, and possibly in a very public way. You’ll know your worth and be under the spotlight. You’re ready to start again by knowing what you need for you. The cosmos shows you a new way and a new direction at the end of the year, and I absolutely love it for you.


Hot dates


For love: 26th August For work: 4th June




Your ruler Neptune in your sign can make you feel invincible and that your dreams can come true in an instant. Or it can make you feel shaky and uncertain and like you’ve been pulled away from all the stuff that really matters, but this year offers you more of a middle ground. Just as long as you keep it real and keep both your feet on it – then you can do anything, particularly when it comes to improving your cash flow.


Here’s your breakdown of the horoscope highlights of your year, pretty from start to finish. On the very first day of the year, Mars and your ruler Neptune collide in your sign and you’re going to be all fired up for a few days as a result. But you may also find yourself in a state of confusion. At round about the same time, Jupiter and Uranus give you a sense of what you need for you, not just feeling good about yourself, but knowing your self-worth as well your money’s worth. So January is when you box clever on so many fronts. 


This all leads on to the eclipse in your sign in February. This is the biggie as well as being the turning point for your dreams, and manoeuvring into a more advantageous position to go after what you need for yourself. Similarly, August brings with it a change of attitude during two more eclipses, and you’ll be thinking and expanding with each and every passing opportunity and banishing old fears.


What about your luck? Up until October, the planet responsible, Jupiter, helps you look at the long term and plan with the other people in your life for the future, while after October it hits your sister sign of Scorpio. This will expand your life and you will see things from a different point of view that you’ll probably want to kick yourself for, having not spotted it sooner.


Hot dates


For love: 3rd January For work: 20th July

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