Thu, 21/09/2017

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Your Starsign: Pisces

Your Daily Horoscope

FEB 20—MAR 20 You have the capacity to be almost anything you want to be. Your confidence remains essentially high and there’s no doubt about your desire to be the best. People gather round to ask for your advice and what you tell them may be partly inappropriate for you too. Careful. For a more personalised reading, call my handpicked psychics, clairvoyants & mediums TODAY and enjoy 29p per minute for 0800 067 8700 credit card calls, or for calls charged to your phone bill, call 0906 176 8700. Calls cost £1.50/min+network charge

Your Weekly Horoscope

You may be the dreamer of the zodiac but you take a right good logical look at your life this week. This helps you sift the good things from the bad and stops you repeating the same mistakes over again. It’s also important that you ride out any uncertainty that you feel because you come into your own by the end of what will be an eventful seven days. Sparks fly during what will be an emotional weekend, and being able to find a relationship that’s also a friendship is perhaps the greatest gift the cosmos can give you.

Your Monthly Horoscope

September’s traditionally the time when you can’t help but throw your weight behind all your relationships, often placing your own needs secondary. But, take it from me, the basis of any good relationship is equality and that means nobody playing second...(This is a snap shot of your horoscopes. To read more, join our VIP club today and enjoy a 30 day FREE trial)

Your Yearly Horoscope

Your ruler Neptune in your sign can make you feel invincible and that your dreams can come true in an instant. Or it can make you feel shaky and uncertain and like you’ve been pulled away from all the stuff that really matters, but this year offers you more of a middle ground. Just as long as you keep it real and keep both your feet on it – then you can do anything, particularly when it comes to improving...(This is a snap shot of your horoscopes. To read more, join our VIP club today and enjoy a 30 day FREE trial)