Sun, 22/10/2017

Star Sign Profiles - Male

Aries Man

This man likes challenge. His approach to life is to take it head on regardless of obstacles. He'll start a project, and expect people to bend to his rules, but he's not so good at following through himself. A natural leader, he'll automatically have followers.

Something of a hero, like Hercules, he needs to be there first. This man has a strong ego, and once his eye is set on a goal nothing will stop him using all the power and control he can muster to get there, so he is often accused of being tactless and arrogant.

He is the battering ram of the zodiac, the thoughtless sheep -  the irresponsible lamb only appears when he's not feeling up to par.

Once locked onto a career objective, he'll work hard. Freedom of expression is necessary to this man, as he doesn't take kindly to being led. Don't ask him to change his mind, he won't!

He knows where he wants to go and enjoys the hustle and bustle of the market place, bouncing ideas and projects off people along the way.

Sometimes reckless, he enjoys the challenge of proving that he's vital and alive. The first sign of the zodiac always pushes for its ideas to be accepted, then it's off to the next project.

The Aries man takes his financial rewards as his god given right. He spends too. This won't bother him. Tomorrow is another day and another challenge.

Though he's a worker, he plays hard in his own time. The Aries world moves at a fast pace - it has to . Aries commands it. In love this man is passionate. Relationships and sex must be all fulfilling. He doesn't have time to waste and his approach is direct and up front. Partners will need stamina to cope with his flashes and sparks of romantic need.

At other times, the Aries man will expect his partner to meet fire with fire, otherwise he'll feel that his flame is doused. The world is his oyster and he gets bored if he can't have his own way right now.

A joyous and sexually expressive man, Aries needs to work on permanency in relationships, then he'll know he's taken on board some lessons about patience and diplomacy.

The growth point for Aries is in his realm of power. A fighter for what he wants, he can go over the top in his effort to achieve it. People then find him dogmatic, domineering and selfish. Not above using a little pressure in his hurry to reach the top, the Aries man needs to calm down and remember that other people might not want to compete as fiercely as he does - and they're right to be that way.

Masterful, vital, in charge, the Aries man can be dominant at home, but really needs to be dominant at work. In the wider world, there is always something to create, and Aries' grasp of the new day and the new dawn is sometimes awe inspiring to watch.  

Taurus Man

The first of the earth signs, it's no wonder Taurus man is seen as the feet on the ground, head on the shoulders reliable type. What would surprise others, however, is that he can be as tactile, tender and just as emotional as his female counterpart - but of course being a man, he must not show it. So it's all stiff upper lip, take it on the chin, I-can-cope-with-any-adversity-life throws-at-me kind of bravado he emits. Such bull!!

Being a bull, of course, he has many of the bull's characteristics. Watch a Taurean man when his patience is stretched to the limits. He quite literally paws the ground and has been known to snort. His eyes narrow and his head goes down, ready for battle. Lock horns with him and it's more than likely you won't win. That's because he's also stubborn, rigid and unyielding. This applies across the board at times, I'm afraid, in work related matters, over disputes in money and even in affairs of the heart.

Taureans are hard working. They are loyal, dedicated and don't give up easily. They are fiercely competitive at work and will keep their eye on the main chance at all times. They are patient too. They may lose out first time around, but you can bet your bottom dollar they won't make that same mistake twice. They find it very hard to give up and have an unyielding faith in themselves, which is very hard to break, and will continue to think situations can be saved even when they're dead in the water.

Taurus is the most practical and reliable sign of the zodiac. They are happy to plod along until they reach their goals. The great news is that when they get to the finishing line, they reward themselves sumptuously.

Oh, yes, they love good food, good wine, expensive cars, clothes and, of course, a beautiful accessory in the shape of a mate.

Taureans are ruled by Venus, the Goddess of love, beauty and pleasure, and they like all three in abundance. However, when they mate they like to think that it's for life. No matter how much they're tempted, they very rarely stray. If, however, their partner does, they will be unforgiving.

Taurus men are sensual creatures who love to be touched, adored, cosseted and wrapped in loving arms in a committed relationship. Their sex drive can be rather high at times, and it's when they get that snorting bull look in their eyes that their partner knows there's no escape.

Taurus rules the neck and throat, so that is where their main health problems lie. And although it may seem minor where ailments are concerned, it can floor them if it gets too bad.

Gemini Man

The Gemini man's childlike curiosity leads him to forever search for all the pieces of the jigsaw which make up his world.

He knows instinctively that collecting information will turn him from an inquisitive apprentice into a master, so his quest will be relentless.

His search for answers never ends and he always finds a use for each item of data that comes his way. So he is always learning, communicating and talking.

Usually experts at language skills, Gemini men may work with foreign languages, in the communications industry or even the computer world.

His ability to see both sides of an argument helps him to understand all points of view. He loves being multi-faceted and flexible in his responses to other people. In the right environment he shows a talent for mimicry, so he feels happiest where his quick wit and sense of humour are appreciated.

In attitudes to money and work he can veer from carefully collecting resources and working hammer and tongs to keep them, to scattering and frittering away not only money but ideas and energies. Yes the heavenly twins can, and do, work both ways, I'm afraid.

Essentially he is an ideas man who can put together a great package, and sell it! But he is just as liable to sound off about his ideas before he actually puts them into practice. It's then the more consistent people may benefit from what he begins but then forgets to finish because something else has distracted him.

On the plus side, Gemini is the sign of the millionaire, who shares his ideas.

With the right kind of support he learns to cultivate his money and resources, and will gain faith in himself along the way.

In love and relationships the Gemini man is a master of disguise.

Cancer Man

The Cancer man has a remarkable self defence system, when he is not busy protecting his family and loved ones that is!

Sometimes seen to be crabby and snappy, as his starsign symbol portrays, and this man will take offence if people start to move too close and start to hurt him, even unintentionally.

His feelings are soft under that Cancerian shell and he intuitively picks up on other people's motives. A strong fighter and carer on the outside, he is warm hearted and sensitive beneath the surface, but he will only show those tender feelings to the people he loves and trusts.

This man needs to feel safe, and he can be tenacious, when it comes to holding on to his security. He is not the type to act on impulse and can feel rather uncomfortable around people who do. It's then that he will show signs of shyness and will keep his thoughts and feelings to himself.

This soft centred creature is a conservative at work. Born to responsibility and leadership, he is an expert at teasing out what people want. The first of the water signs, he uses his intuition well.

He's an accumulator and canny businessman, a provider of services, and aware of his workmates feelings. Compassionate though he is, however, he will expect others to be as hard working as himself, and he's the type who always quietly keeps his goals in sight.

It may take him years to reach the top of the pile, but do it he will, and no one will ever know what it has cost him, in terms of emotional stress. Ask him and he won't even know himself.

This man needs his days off. He needs relaxation. He needs home comforts. The tried and tested certainly will give him the tenacity to face the next day's problems.

He has many moods in his close relationships. By turns he can be cantankerous, a humorous lunatic, sensitive, understanding, and silent, but all with great depth of emotion.

Strangely enough, he may have difficulty showing just how deep his feelings are, and will not readily admit that he clings to loved ones. He is more likely to be the one to do the protecting and cherishing, at least on the surface.

Partners will need to learn to read him like a book, because he will rarely ask for what he most needs. That's tenderness and plenty of it.

When he feels really safe the poet and the dreamer then emerge. This man is as capable of writing love sonnets as he is making money, because that vivid imagination of his underpins the two worlds he loves best: romance and security.

The Cancer man develops when he can admit to his vulnerability. It relieves his fear and moodiness to know he is understood and accepted and doesn't always have to be the provider.

He needs to know his zany humour is a good outlet for his anxieties. Secrecy, caution, and a long memory are the watchwords of the Cancer man.

Though he won't forget the lessons life has taught him, he will eventually find the courage to face the future, without fear.

Leo Man

This man likes ruling. His pride and a certain charming arrogance shine through when he's being a big cat.

When he decides to be a cub, he'll be playful and just as winning. But either way don't step on his toes: he'll roar, and go on roaring until you realise just how much you've broken his big heart and disturbed his dignity.

The Leo man never does things in halves. He'll either be calm and stately in his dealings with people, or he'll opt for a commanding fashion. He wants respect, and he's not above acting dramatically in order to get it.

Responsible and dependable, this man finds it difficult to lean on others. Though he may complain - loudly - about the burden he's expected to carry, don't try relieving him of his kingdom. The lion doesn't give up his territory easily.

At work, the Leo man wants to be noticed. Leadership is his forte, provided he has a bevy of people to carry out his orders. He may not be master of the boring detail, but he is kind of the grand strategy, and he likes it to be pinned up in public in gold letters. Then everyone can see how well he is doing.

Born to execute work and a hard worker, he won't hide his light under a bushel. He'll praise fellow workers, but he's not stinting with disapproval, when he feels it's deserved. Sensitive souls might find it a touch overpowering. He doesn't mean to instil fear, but he does like things done his way. This man knows how to keep finances and power circulating.

Generous with money himself, he expects to be rewarded for his own work, then he is able to show how large his heart is.

A stable partnership for this man is a must. The teasing, flirtatious type has no appeal for him. Once he's given his heart he expects his partner and family to revolve around his needs, though he will dispense love and affection when these are met.

When he feels unloved or upstaged, he will make sure you know he's feeling sad and neglected. He may not even roar when his heart is broken, but he'll show how wounded he is, and he expects something to be done about it - by you!

He enjoys praise and recognition, just as much at home, as in other parts of his kingdom. When both are well, then the lion is likely to purr contentedly. The Leo man develops when he knows the difference between flattery and praise, and vanity and self-confidence. Early in life, he may have difficulty distinguishing between them.

Learning to tone down the roar is often the first step in taking on board other people's feelings. This man has a heart as large as the noonday sun. King of all he surveys, he's happiest resting in the shade of the largest tree on the savannah. Then his vision of life is wide and his rule is peaceful and prosperous.

Virgo Man

Cool and quite on the outside, the Virgo man and can sometimes let inner doubts and anxieties affect his clear thinking.

Self- critical to a degree, he may worry that he's not as good as the next person. But this man is a sharp as a needle.

A realist at heart, he has few illusions about life. He's well able to assess what needs to be done to improve any situation he finds himself in, from home decorating to office organisation. His mind and hands never stop working.

Give him a problem to solve and he will think his way through it in record time - and produce a neat set of instructions to back up his argument. Then he'll roll up his sleeves and put them into practice without fuss and bother, at least if all goes according to plan.

At work, he's the one to be found keeping a perfect eye on details. Good with analysis, he'll be cranky and nit-picking if other people are not as careful and considerate as he is. He'll go out of his way to do the right thing and may try harder than he needs to please people. He expects others to do the same. Sloppy work practices are not for him, and he's liable to do the odd spot of nagging when things get out of order.

The Virgo man will expect financial reward for his work. ‘A fair day's work for a fair day's pay' is his motto. Not for him the endless socialising of office lunches; he'd sooner be getting on with the work.

He can be a workaholic and needs to watch his levels of nervous tension when the work temperature rises.

This man looks for a partner who'll give him the emotional security he secretly craves. As fastidious in love as in work, he'll spend a long time looking for a woman who lives up to the purity of expectations.

Emotional confusion and amateur dramatics are not for the Virgo man. A calm and discreet partner who's quietly loving and reassuring is the one he'll respond to best. Then he'll prove himself the most considerate of mates.

He's capable of enormous strength in difficult times if he knows that his partner will stick by him. While he may not be widely passionate, his love will burn steadily through a lifetime with a tenderness and gentleness not found among more fiery types.

The Virgo man is sometimes afraid to put his emotions where his ideals are. He develops when he learns that the rest of the world never matches the perfect picture his mind is always so busy creating. Accepting reality as occasionally imperfect helps him overcome his tendency to cynicism and disappointment.

More than most this man is capable of waving the tapestry of his own destiny. A collector of many different materials and objects, he sees life as a workshop, in which he can create a delicate sense of order and quiet industry. Let him be as he needs to know how all life works.

Libra Man

Balance in all things is the aim of the Libra Man. This doesn't mean he always achieves it, but he tries. Mentally restless, but never in a hurry, this man will see all sides of an issue before he takes a decision.

The bridge-builder of the Zodiac, fairness in judgement is ingrained in his nature. He finds it difficult to say ‘no'. He's a thinker, and is skilled at knowing how to please, but he'll be on his way if he thinks he's on the road to truth.

Never impatient, the Libra man doesn't like to be pushed. Above all he needs time to consider all the options. Once he's made up his mind, he'll present his answers with tact and diplomacy. Pleasant-mannered, but sometimes stubborn, he knows persuasion is his strong point.

In work, the Libra man can be a powerhouse of quiet activity and so laid-back that he's almost on the floor. A natural debater, he's a master at presenting the pros and cons of an argument. Give him work where he can seek a consensus among different opinions and he's happy.

A good mediator in disputes, he'll handle people with charm and ease. He may have difficulties coming to a decision at times, but he'll usually come up with the right answer. He works best in harmonious environment.

Good at argument himself, he'll hate being in an atmosphere where emotions take over from logic. He'll expect due financial reward for his work, but money is for spending and surrounding himself with beautiful objects - even at work.

This man will go for popularity in relationships. He wants to please and keep things sweet and he doesn't have a need to figure out what's going on below the surface.

When young he'll be drawn into a number of relationships. He learns when he realises that he needs more than his fine mind to value people.

Emotions can be something of a treacle trap for him. He's often confused and hurt without understanding why. Eventually he learns to bring logic and feeling together. He'll never willingly hurt his partner and he's not likely to be tight with budgets.

He likes his home to be an oasis of peace and beauty, although he's not so good with the routine and keeping it that way. A strange mixture, the Libra man. Make sure you're the patient type if you love him.

Learning to cope with indecision is the growth point for the Libra Man. Occasionally he needs to speed up his reaction time and accept that he can't cover all the options safely. Life requires that he takes risks and that he'll sometimes make mistakes.

Harmony is what he seeks, and harmony is what he works for. The Libra man comes into his own when justice is tempered and summer balances winter. Then you'll see that this fair-minded nature has a beauty as rare as cool water in the desert.

Scorpio Man

Self-control and secrecy are typical of the Scorpion Man. Single-minded, nothing moves a scorpion's opinions once he's fixed his eagle eye on an objective.

His motivation is so deep that even he may not be aware of it. Neither will you, unless he chooses to let you see something of the brooding intensity beneath his actions. He takes life seriously and is fiercely courageous when he feels under attack.

Quietly ambitious, he'll wait years for the right opportunity before striking.

Capable of much compassion, this man doesn't forget either a slight or a good turn. Make sure you're a friend, not an enemy. But once you've proved your loyalty, you can be sure his is there for life.

This man works with secrets and has a knack for investigation and an instinct for research. The Scorpio man always knows what is going on. He may not say much, but he knows exactly what he wants to achieve. Shrewd to a degree, he knows how to press a hard bargain, sometimes a little too ruthlessly.

Capable of enormous hard work, his reserves of energy ensure that he is reliable and thorough.

A power broker, he'll quietly beaver away in the face of obstacles, which would make other people quiver with fear. But he won't take criticism of his methods lightly and he won't pull his punches if he senses that he's being manipulated.

Money equals power to this man, and he'll always make sure that there is some in the bank.

There's an all-or-nothing quality to his relationships.

The Pluto-ruled man has an intensity of passion, which is difficult to fathom. His feelings are very deep, so deep that he's sometimes frightened of their power and prefers to keep them under wraps - until he can trust, that is.

Indeed, trust is important to the Scorpio man and he's easily hurt when his defences are down. Once he does trust, he'll go through hell and high water to make sure you're where he needs you. His partner will be his and his alone, sexually and emotionally.

He'll look for a partner who's faithful and strong. Play with his feelings and he'll erupt like Mount Etna. But if you understand his need for privacy, he'll be a caring and supportive partner.

The Scorpio man grows when he learns not to lean on people so heavily. The world isn't as easily divided into friends and enemies, as he sometimes believes. He needs to play with the shades of grey that could help lighten his load a little.

This man is tempered by the fires of life. He knows the heights of passion and the depths of power. His quest is for a deep emotional knowledge, which will help him to hold on to both wisdom and understanding.

Sagittarius Man

This man flies higher and reaches farther than any other sign of the zodiac.

He's not always good at seeing what's underneath his feet - lesser mortals can be heavily trodden underfoot as he tramps his way through the world.

He's the lively one to be found in a group, always at the centre of a debate, he'll be the body to say what he thinks directly, if a little tactlessly.

In fact bluntness is his hallmark, but he means no harm. A questor, he's wherever the action is and if there's an ideal attached to it, so much the better. Mostly sunny-tempered, he can flare up like a nuclear warhead if he's pushed around, but he's quick to forget. A restless optimist, the Sagittarius man needs to keep moving.

The work he chooses has to keep him interested, otherwise he's off where the grass is greener. His enthusiasm and optimism will keep everyone in the workplace lively.

The Sagittarius man sets the fast pace and is something of a gambler. He'll pay for deals no one else would dare attempt - and he'll mostly win them. He'll rely on his hunches and make sure he's in the right place at the right time. Mainly his intuition and sharp intellect will get him what he wants and this man wants his reward now, if not yesterday. He's a keen nose for money making and the right opportunity, but can be a little mean if he feels he's not getting his due reward. Upset his applecart and everybody will know about it.

The Sagittarius man is interested in relationships - as long as they are kept at the right level. Emotional intensity is a no-no for this man. He's more likely to look for someone who stimulates his mind and stops him from boring himself.

He likes the romance of the chase, and sees himself of something of a knight on a white charger, but he's equally likely to be off again once the prey's in the net. At least early in life.

Once he's learned to stop tilting at romantic windmills, he'll look for a partner who'll give enough rope to hang himself, who's generous and affectionate, but has a life of his or her own and a will to match. If you are this rare paragon, he may be curious and intrigued enough to stay around.

When he's learned to slow down a little and stay linked to some very mundane difficulties, this man grows. He won't take his enthusiasm being dampened forever, but a wise Sagittarian will use it to unstick the sticky patches on life's highway.

He needs the wide open spaces. They fill his vision with a supreme confidence in the basic goodness of life. Then his dreams soar and his imagination takes flight. Don't pull him down to earth too often, only enough to make sure he's human.

Capricorn Man

The Capricorn man believes in improvement. A good strategist, the goat determinedly moves from crag to crag as he quietly furthers his ambitions.

There's always an atmosphere of seriousness around this man and he's very aware of his own status. He's likely to be practical and conscientious on his way to the top - and the uppermost position is just what he wants. He'll persevere more than any other sign of the Zodiac to achieve his ends.

This man has a sober approach to life and has a deep respect for tradition and the wisdom which comes from age and experience. Ruled by the end for success, he can sometimes be a gloomy and pessimistic soul. But that's only when he feels blocked in his upward progress. Most times he achieves his aims.

Building is what comes naturally to this man and give him a plan to put into operation and he'll make sure that the product is soundly constructed. He may take his time, but mistakes will be few and he'll remain businesslike.

Good at tying up all the loose ends, this man expects colleagues to be as painstaking as he is. He knows how to crack the whip if he has to, but he's also a respector of hard work. The goat will be happy with routine, provided he knows what the goal is. Cool-headed in a crisis, he'll also be fatherly to those who need help and advice.

Careful with money, with an eye for a good bargain, he'll accumulate financial resources steadily over the years as money in the pension fund equals security for the goat.

In partnerships the Capricorn man will expect recognition. Dependable and prudent, he often yearns to play the giddy goat and do a comic turn, but he'll only do so with a partner who makes him feel safe.

Although he's reserved on the outside, this man has a steadfast heart. He opens up sexually when he feels truly loved and respected. The goat's emotions soften as he grows older. He's often a late bloomer.

He'll appreciate a partner who reveres family ties and tradition. Anniversaries and family celebrations mean a lot to him. He'll keep a dutiful eye on the budget and will be aware of the need to save for retirement. The goat knows what he wants from a relationship and he's thoughtful enough to recognize quality when he sees it.

Development happens for this man when he knows that he doesn't have to plan his life away. Sometimes he just needs to take a chance and trust the results. Not always, but enough to know that life isn't all work - it can be fun, too.

The goat's soft heart is often hidden. He needs to let his romantic yearnings show once in a while. Let him have his holidays. Then he'll show his crazy sense of humour and his rich understanding of life's more absurd moments.

Aquarius Man

The Aquarius man has a faraway look in his eyes. Sometimes you won't believe he inhabits the same planet as the rest of us.

Friendly and soft-spoken, he's usually streets ahead of his time. He'll be happy in a crowd of people who'll enthuse about his new ideas and pick up on his curiosity. A natural rebel, he'll push boundaries in some pretty strange directions if he feels people will benefit. But don't be fooled by his eccentricity. This man is a realist and usually has a fixed purpose in mind.

You'll find that out of you push him, although he'll keep it loose and pleasant on this surface. He won't dictate how anyone should live, neither will he be dictated to. Honest and sincere, he's able to present his point of view in a detached and impersonal manner.

At work, this man is a theorist and not so good at practical issues, plus he's insightful and intuitive, provided he's given the freedom to express himself. Liberal and laid back, he'll try to keep on good terms with all his workmates, but he won't stand for dishonesty or laziness. He's likely to drop those who don't live up to his own standards of truth.

A little aloof at the best of times, his fine perfection works well when he has a line of thought to pursue - it's then he needs privacy to work out his idea . But don't set a deadline as he's sure to forget it. His attitude to money is shrewd, although he won't push for more that his due, and it's unwise to take advantage of him. The Aquarian man knows better than most how many beans make five.

Impersonal in his approach, the Aquarian man doesn't show his true feelings at first. He's a little cool with everybody, even partners. He can be confusing, sometimes giving the come-on signals, sometimes switching off.

He doesn't mean to be hurtful, but he can have difficulties with intimacy. A light touch is needed with this man, and an understanding of his need for solitude.

He'll respond best to a partner who shares his high ideals and sense of values. Then he'll thaw, and he'll be a tolerant, human mate. But he's not pliable. A display of opportunism and possessiveness in close relationships and he's off. This man will not be tied down. The ideal partner for him is someone who wants to be his friend.

Growth for this man comes when he realises that loving one person doesn't cut him off from the rest of the world. In fact, it's more likely to put him in touch with ordinary human imperfection. Then he can be a true helper of humanity.

Distant visions are a must for this man. He sees landscapes beyond the confines of the mundane world. It can make him lonely at times. Show him that you understand his aims and he'll warm up and share some more of his delicate dreams.

Pisces Man

The Pisces man is a bit of a chameleon. Impressionable and soft-natured, he's the one who blends into his surroundings. He'll also take the path of least resistance, as he doesn't find it easy to compete with hardier souls.

A romantic at heart, he'll look for the good in everybody even when his dreams are trodden on, and he's more than capable of loving his neighbour as himself. Yet he's an actor, too.

Even the shy Pisces male will gravitate towards the spotlight on occasions, not to steal the limelight, but to display a rich and deep mixture of human emotions. This man knows better that any other sign the joys and pains of the human heart. This man is a sensitive at work. Put him where he can act compassionately on people's behalf and he's content. He may not be very ambitious, but he'll work with a will if he's happy with his job.

Elusive himself, he's shrewd about people's feelings and he'll pay attention to detail when he's in the mood, but prefers to let it all hang out and work in chaos. You never know which it will be with the fish. He likes to hide his motives and aims, and work mates may find him something of a puzzle. "Here today, gone today", seems to be his working motto and peaceful atmosphere with no heavy emotional vibes suits him well. This man likes money and he's a spender, not a saver, but he won't sell his soul for it. Reasonableness in all things works best for him.

In relationships the Pisces male can be all things to all people. He's an actor, remember, and he'll go for tolerance, not blame accusation. He's not very good at explaining himself, so sometimes he comes across as moody and difficult, when he's troubled. When the waters are calm, he's a gentle, funny companion who likes the soft touch and sweet music. This man yearns for the quiet life, and he'll change his position to anything that' will achieve it, making him a little unreliable at times. He'll look for a warm, stable partner, one who understands his many shifts of emotion.
Living with this man is like watching a school of fish: you never know which way it' will turn. What he has to offer is unselfishness and a shy sensitivity to your feelings. This man grows when he can pin himself down to reality a little. The world isn't always harsh and unfeeling. Roses sometimes grow in the strangest places and he needs to know that he can always cultivate a quiet garden within himself. That is the safest retreat of all.