Sun, 22/10/2017

Star Sign Profiles- Female

Libra Woman

The Libra woman may look peaceable and lovely, but she has a core as true as steel.

She'll think her way through any issue and deliver an answer which says six of one is the same as half a dozen of the other. She tries to be impartial, and succeeds most of the time. All reason, she's rarely swayed by over-emotional appeals to the truth. Cool clarity is her aim and she has a charming way of getting what she wants.

A people person, she's to be found in places where there are problems to solve, where oil can be poured on troubled waters. She's a little at sea when the waters stay troubled, though. Then you might see a frown or two as she struggles to reach a decision.

Work for this woman is a must. She needs a place where her mind and clear judgement are appreciated. A compromiser by nature, she's capable of finding angles no one else sees and this can sometimes lead to procrastination.

If you need someone who weighs up all the arguments, and has a tongue as charming as silver bells, then the Libra woman is the one for your workplace. She has a friendly approach to colleagues, but she won't tolerate casual gossip.

Money is important. She'll earn well, but she'll want to indulge herself. She likes to be surrounded by luxury items and feels jangled if she finds herself in ugly surroundings. She'll make the best use of her mind where she's reminded of beauty and high ideals.

This woman needs a partner who will respond to her fine mind and loving ways. She'll appreciate a mate who will occasionally indulge her need for tasteful surroundings, then she'll feel loved and comfortable enough to exercise her clever wit.

This is a woman who will give sound advice in the softest words to a partner she values. Treat her honourably and she'll blossom.

Her home will be tastefully decorated and soothing to be in. She'll be easy going with children, not one too impose too much discipline. But she will stand up for them if she feels they've been unfairly treated. One thing she won't stand for is disrespect. Her children will be expected to consider other people's opinions and values as much as she does herself.

When she knows that she doesn't have to calculate all the odds, then the Libra woman grows. She doesn't always have to prove that she has a good mind and is a super strategist. Sometimes it's necessary to take on board other people's feelings.

This woman is happiest being the ambassadress at life's ball. She enjoys the pleasure of communication. But she's equally capable of keeping a firm hand on the tiller to stop the boat rocking. Velvet and iron are quite a combination to meet up with.

Virgo Woman

The Virgo woman has lots of common sense, although she's shy. She's not one to stand out in a crowd, but she will be the one to stand back and take in all she sees with a clear eye.

Sincere and genuine in all she does, this is a woman who is hard to fool. Behind that calm façade is a mind which moves like clockwork.

Always busy, she is able to tackle problems efficiently, even when she is worrying about her performance. Sometimes she lacks confidence, and this can make her irritable and snappy; so can stupidity and carelessness.

Never one to stand disorder, she'll keep her mind as neat and fresh as her surroundings. Most of the time she looks like a gentle dreamer, but you can be sure that somewhere along the line she knows about all the details in her life that need correction. And she'll make sure that they're thoroughly sorted out.

This woman is a master of understatement at work. She'll be the one working quietly away in the corner. She dedicates herself to her chosen tasks with much efficiency. Usually she knows the worth of her own work and will expect a fair reward for her efforts.

Her sense of analysis is good and she's equally clever at using her hands. Virgo women are practical theorists at heart. But she won't easily put up with irresponsibility, as her tendency for hair-splitting criticism may take over, and less perfect mortals may become afraid of their every movement. But once she's relaxed in a routine where all is in order, her kind heart, and basic fairness, will shine through the working day.

Delicacy and grace will win over the Virgo woman. Caveman tactics will turn her off. She'll need to take her time to settle into a relationship, but once she has she'll devote herself to her partner with a singleness of purpose other suns signs might envy.

But she has to know what part she plays in your life. Not knowing will cause her to worry and fret. Once she feels safe, she can be a witty friend and a tender companion.

Children usually know where they are with this woman. Her sense of order and practicality see to that. Sometimes a little too much the disciplinarian, she will, however, pass on much quiet affection to her offspring when she feels securely loved.

This woman grows when she can let go of strict habits and too many routines indulge her humorous and gentle side. She'll need a variety of interests and creative projects to stop herself from becoming stale, and she'll be pretty good at bringing them to a productive conclusion.

Bread and roses are the substance of the Virgo woman's life. She's happiest when she's surrounded by beauty and order - provided she's allowed to create it. When her surroundings hum with peaceful activity and certain stillness fills the air, then you'll know she's content.

Gemini Woman

The Gemini woman has her feet on the ground, until she's distracted, then everything falls apart quite quickly.

An exciting kind of woman, she wants to know exactly what's going on.

Good with her hands, she's not always so good with her head, and in fact can be quite scatty at times. Bright eyed and bushy tailed, she'll survey the picture in front of her, with a questioning glance.

Once she's extracted what she needs, she'll dart off to the next project to see what's new and curious there too.

She changes her opinions so often that she seems unreliable, and she becomes anxious and indecisive when forced to make a choice. This woman likes to keep her options open. Her spirits flag if she's pinned down to one response.

At work she's the great communicator. She needs change, options and free space to move fast, and think even faster. Give her an abstract problem and she'll reduce it to a workable plan in double quick time, in fact give her two as she likes more than one project to be on the go, otherwise she gets bored.

She has a restless energy and can be charmingly persuasive. She could sell coals to Newcastle, never mind take them there.

She likes a quick return for her efforts so her tasks need to be short and to the point. She's likely to become impatient and irritable if it's even suggested she keeps her nose to the same old grindstone.

Given half the chance she's the one who'll keep the workplace buzzing with jokes, general gossip and, above all, fresh ideas.

In love this woman has a sparkle in her eyes. While she keeps her mind on her partner, her active imagination could be a million miles away.

The way to this woman's heart is to stimulate her mind. Engage her curiosity continually and she'll look for more. Depress her or stifle her and she'll look elsewhere. Provide her with a home she can re-decorate often, fill her kitchen with gadgets and she might be interested enough to stay.

She will be in a rush for her children to grow up quickly because she communicates better with people who answer her back. As a mother she'll provide her children with lots of information. She strives to be a friend as well as a mother and she succeeds.

At times she even turns the relationship on its head by becoming like a child herself as the Gemini woman, being the sign of youth, doesn't like to grow up too quickly.

The Gemini woman grows when she learns to adjust to the needs of others. Her many-sided mind can help her to see where feelings might be more important than thoughts. It's then she's at her most inventive when providing solutions.

For this woman to thrive, each day has to have its exciting element. She has to scan every horizon for a new discovery. It's only then she's at peace within the boundaries of her busy world.

Cancer Woman

This woman's driving force is the strength of her emotions. Ruled by the moon and all its moods, she's as changeable as the weather.

Her feelings and responses provide the basis for all her relationships. Insecure if she's not loved and cherished, she will cling like the proverbial crab to people who provide tenderness and appreciation. But this woman is strong, too!

She is just as capable of protecting and nurturing others. Mostly kind and sympathetic, her motto is 'if you love me you won't leave me.'

She can be hesitant, preferring to let time pass before putting her trust in people. It's only when she does that she will reveal her loyalty, tenacity, but best of all the depths of her caring heart.

Work for this woman is a must! She has a strong need for security and an even stronger need for a hoard of money in the bank. She has an eye for a bargain and is capable of bartering with the best.

Career wise she feels safest with what she knows and has tested over the years. In the workplace she is the one most likely to be the quiet matriarch of the group.

She will instinctively understand the emotional atmospheres which more level-headed types tend to miss. Aware of undercurrents, she has the capacity to use them to build her work skills steadily over time.

Serenity and patience are virtually Gods to her. She needs them to offset the anxieties and tensions of the working day. Sacrifice and possession are paramount in the Cancer woman relationships.

When she loves - and she loves devotedly - she will show the warmth of her vulnerable emotions, but don't trample on her dreams, or ignore her need for romantic expression. It's at that point her empathy will disappear into a flood of tears and she will emphasise the sense of betrayal she is feeling to such a degree that it would be enough to make even the most innocent of partners feel like a heel.

However her coyness and touchiness soon disappear when she is feeling safe.

Nothing is too good for her partner, or children, and her home will be a comfortable refuge for the world-weary. Capable of showing enormous love and dedication to her children, she may have difficulty letting them go when the time comes.

The crab clings, remember! This woman grows when she is able to acknowledge her imagination openly. Once her fears and fantasies are exposed to the cold light of day, she is more likely to put them into perspective. Then she will be able to laugh at herself a little and other people will feel freer in her company.

The Cancer female is a carer and protector but equally enjoys  being cared for and protected.

When she can safely work it both ways this woman is generous with her emotions, and hugely understanding of the pains and joys of the human heart.

Leo Woman

Big-hearted and determined, the Leo is the star of her own show. A wise distributor of tasks, she hides a strong intensity of purpose under her outwardly steady nature.

She's renowned for her hunting skills and she's equally good at bringing home the kill, and she'll expect masses of attention for all her hard work.

A natural ruler, the lioness assumes that she won't be ignored. If her pride is threatened, she'll pounce and a dramatic display of fireworks results. She is direct and honest in her actions, and expects other people to be as upfront as she is.

The lioness has a basic faith in life. When she allows her strength and courage to direct her actions, then her sunny nature shines through. Good at resource-gathering, this woman has an overview of any work she undertakes. Often to be found at the head of a group, she thrives on responsibility.

Her broad vision is the inspiration for those who carry out the practical details. Her workplace thrums with well-ordered activity and everyone knows just which part of the machine they are expected to operate. If it doesn't, she's quite capable of dealing with unruly and disruptive elements firmly.

The workplace must run smoothly. She's not concerned with trivia and will delegate routine tasks to others when she can. But her work is not only geared towards recognition of her achievements. It also provides the means for those luxuries she must have. The Leo woman likes to pamper herself.

In partnerships the Leo woman is the most trusting of souls. Treat her respectively because she expects warmth and loyalty form her partner. When well loved, she is calm and steady, as long as you can realise that she has made a concession to be that way. Cross her, and she definitely won't be submissive.

She'll be generous and affectionate towards her children, as long as they know who's the boss. She won't allow them to play up repeatedly. This mother is not afraid to confront temper tantrums and domestic storms. She'll create a few of her own if she is swept aside too often. She'll allow her children a measure of independence to grow at their own pace, but she'll have to watch the she doesn't always expect her offspring to conform to her standards.

The Leo woman grows when she knows that now is the right time to make concessions and compromise. Not always, but enough times to allow other people to feel comfortable, basking in the lionesses glow. Then a rightful pride in her achievements replaces the vanity she sometimes indulges in.

The Lioness is happiest when she is centre stage. She'll work to be just that, but when she's reached the top, she'll want to rest and enjoy it for a while. Once this woman organises so that she can take the smooth with the smooth, then you'll see now contentedly she can purr.

Aries Woman

The Aries woman is a bit of a Joan of Arc. Give her a cause and she'll fight for it, and everyone around her will know it.

Courageous in voicing her opinions, she's often the spokeswoman of the group, for as long as she stays interested.

A firebrand if she's ignored, this is not a woman to take lightly. She'll often act on impulse. Act first think later is her motto. She finds it difficult to take advice. Her motivation is to carve a place for herself in the world, and a pinch of danger adds zest to the quest.

This woman is capable of fighting her own battles without harbouring grudges. What hurts her is if she's shunned as a trouble maker, or is renowned for her dogmatism. She only wants to be honest and direct.

At work, you'd notice her in a room. She's the one who seems supremely confident, experimenting with her new ideas and projects. Bursting with enthusiasm, she's able to hold her own in a man's worlds and a man's group.

Subtlety isn't her strong point and she won't willingly put herself in the way of routine work. She needs inspiration to keep up her determination to succeed. The action job is the one for an Aries woman, the one which has plenty of variety. Then she's at her best: enterprising and resourceful.

She's a natural promoter. What dampens her ardour is to be ignored and overlooked. When she can't fire on all cylinders at once, this woman is quickly disheartened. She needs the buzz of a busy workplace to remind her that she's alive.

The Aries woman is quick to love and expects a response NOW. She's not above playing huntress at times. Men who can cope with her passion are likely to hold her interest; those who are cool and detached need not apply.

A leader in most things, she is ardent in love, but even then she won't be told what to do. Her love and her home are hers and she wants that recognised, although she will back down if she feels her partner has a fair point to make.

At home, as at work, she has a flair for organisation, as long as she's not expected to bother with details. Openly loving and responsive to children, she may have to watch that she's not always proving them, pushing them or showing them off. Every home needs a quiet fireside once in a while.

The female Aries grows when she begins to recognise her habit of leaving things and people unfinished. A hive of activity, she moves from one task to another with a speed that stuns. Her fear is loss of freedom to manoeuvre. If she gives herself the chance to slow down once in a while, she might get to smell the roses, rather than forcing them to grow.

Enterprising and energetic, this woman has a need to affirm her identity. Her naivety and eagerness for life can be endearing. She needs to know that life stays interesting, if not, her forceful optimism will make it so.

Taurus Woman

This woman is the salt of the earth. Renowned for being self controlled, she's happiest being able to take life as it comes.

Loyal and with much moral courage, when it comes to holding on to home and family she won't go on the rampage unless she's really provoked. The Taurus female appreciates quality in her life, but always has her feet on the ground.

This is the woman who will haggle over the price of a Picasso and lovingly preserve grandma's hundred-year-old quilt.

She most definitely has a mind of her own and dislikes showy intellectual gymnastics.

Practical and dependable, she's a tower of strength in a crisis, doing what she has to do with calm deliberation. But don't presume to contradict or rush her once her mind is made up. She'll carry through her own plans in her own time and at her own pace: slowly.

This woman works hard and steadily. She's to be found where reliability and tranquillity are appreciated. She doesn't take to change easily and resents defiance and disobedience. She won't take short cuts at work, neither will she make hasty judgements. She's the one to double check projects and will carry them through when the going gets too tough for others.

The Taurus female is a giver, but she'll expect a fair reward for her efforts. What she gets, she'll hold on to.

Tenacity is her strong point and obstinacy her weakest.

She thrives in an atmosphere where she can create her own traditions and routines. “Well tested is worth repeating” is this woman's working motto.

The Taurus lady is sensual and sensible. Something of an earth Goddess, she'll need a partner who can bring home the bacon, and provide pleasure in the bedroom. She's a one-man woman, and although she won't raise storms if her man admires a pretty face, all Hell will be let loose if he strays.

She is loyal, but possessive and unbending, if her security is threatened.

She runs her home like a tight ship and she'll tolerate interference from no one: husband, children or mother-in-law.

Although tender and loving with her babies, and loving the sheer physicality of her offspring, she expects her children to work as hard as she does. She exudes an air of serenity herself, but finds the confusion and mayhem of adolescence difficult to handle. Tolerating differences is the growth point for Taurus women.

Not everyone needs to work as doggedly and persistently as she does. Occasionally inflexible, she needs to know that there are times when frivolity and energetic fun, will inject a breathe of fresh air into her sometimes staid attitudes.

Consistent, kindly and stoical, this woman takes most things in her stride, but behind those placid eyes she holds the moon between those bovine horns and since the moon constantly changes shape, this is something the Taurus woman might remember.

Scorpio Woman

This woman is a power house of pride and self-will. She has an intense drive to get to the bottom of issues, but she'll hide this behind a placid, sometimes magnetic, front.

Don't be fooled by the mask as her intuition is well developed and she'll use it to change her life when she needs to. No one else will be allowed to change her, though.

Her likes and dislikes are fuelled by passion and she's capable of raising some mighty storms if she's crossed too often.

She values her privacy because she often feels vulnerable. She needs a safe place to retreat to, and a handful of trusted friends. Devoted herself, she expects loyalty from others. A goodkeeper of secrets, she'll treat those who break promises with an icy disdain.

Work for the Scorpio woman will include both passion and secrecy. She will do best where she can use her intense powers of perception. She hides her own thoughts, but she knows just where the hub of power is in the workplace - and she'll use it. There are no flies on this woman.

Determined, preserving, she's also ambitious. Set her a task and she knows without being told what the hidden agenda is. But she'll never say. She plays her cards close to her chest. Quiet but friendly to co-workers, she'll go her own way when it comes to the work in hand. Though her motives are hidden she'll play to win when the time's right - and she will win. She'll expect due payments for her efforts. This woman likes the prestige and goodies that money brings.

The female scorpion knows the meaning of sexuality and love in relationships.

She looks for a partner who's strong and intelligent. They will need to like her intensity of feeling, too. This woman does nothing by halves. If she feels loved - exclusively - she'll support her partner through thick and thin, defending him or her fiercely if needs be - but take her for granted and there will be trouble.

Children often sense her deep emotions and are drawn to her strength and devotion. She'll expect them to have high aspirations and to face difficulties with courage. Fearless herself, often she needs to know that it's human and normal for children to have a few anxieties and to want comforting when life's small problems get them down.

Development for this woman comes when she knows that her deep determination can help her contact her seething emotions and express them lovingly. Sometimes she just need to ‘let go and let god'. Then she'll recognize that not all the world is out to get her down.

Gathering experience is the life work of the Scorpio woman. Wherever she is, will be the place where another lesson's learned, another struggle's faced. She yearns for a Garden of Eden when she feels stressed and she deserves to be there - she's worked for it.

Sagittarius Woman

This woman is charmingly frank and also very independent. The housewife role isn't for her as she much prefers to be travelling - even if it's only to work and back. More likely that the journey will be a never ending quest, even though her goal isn't always clear.

The Sagittarian woman doesn't like to be pinned down. If she is she's likely to develop a very clever wit, if not a sarcastic tongue. Most of the time she's cheerful and open, with many friends and interests to keep her busy. But she likes it to be recognised.

This woman can soak up attention and knows how to get it. She'll hate to stand still and will take chances if she sees an opportunity coming her way. Her sharp mind ensures it won't pass her by.

At work the Sagittarian female is a go-getter. She can sniff a likely chance developing before the plans are on the table, and she'll make sure she's there before they are. Occasionally her timing is off, but not often.

Anyone who can use a razor sharp mind would be wise to employ her. She'll use her intuition to know what to avoid, and she'll know what people to cultivate. She has a precise memory and can use it to her advantage. One thing she'll have to watch is her sometimes tactless tongue and an inability to keep secrets.

She'll want her reward right now, if possible, and knows her financial worth and has no trouble asking for her due.

She will want freedom in her relationships. The jealous, possessive type isn't for her. She's a light-hearted companion who looks for fun and interest in her partner.

She'll apply clear, outspoken logic to any situation, so partners will be able to take the rough with the smooth. And the going can get rough if the Sagittarian woman feels that the partnership is getting stale and boring.

An actress at heart, she'll use some pretty dramatic tactics to ginger it up. Life for her children will be a three-ring circus: always busy and interesting.

Usually she's not hot on discipline. Children enjoy her bright optimism, though the softer souls might quail under her forthright remarks. Sometimes she needs to move a little gently with them.

This woman grows when she knows that her bright mind can go on working whatever she's doing. Even the mundane has a touch of magic and idealism about it. Until then she'll see ordinary reality as a trap she won't fall into.

The Sagittarian woman needs her dreams and her ideals. If she can occasionally shoot an arrow over the rainbow and make the sun come out, she knows the world will be a brighter place. Then she may just turn her eyes downwards to see how the grass grows.

Capricorn Woman

Prudence and reserve are the watchwords for this woman. She's a great one for the natural order, and sees that each person has a place in it and she will be found where she can improve her lot on life.

The Capricorn woman aspires to great heights, although she'll make the climb step, by careful step. She'll only move along tried and trusted paths on the way.

A great believer in discipline and duty, she has a cautious approach to life and is good at merging with the background, but her eye always remains steady.

She's capable and good under pressure, planning ahead with certainty. A tortoise, never a hare, the female Capricorn will eventually outstrip seemingly faster folk, before claiming her due.

This woman knows all about noses and grindstones. Dependable at work, she's the one who's always busy, but always calm and assured. She can be relied on to apply herself to tasks diligently and is not one for laziness or waste, preferring to labour away.

Her advice is usually spot on and she knows how to work the grand plan. Achievement and ambition are built into this woman's bones and she won't stop until she reaches the top.

A good manager with a wide-ranging intelligence, she's best where work has a practical application. Her attitude to money is serious, and she's a good businesswoman, though she won't take any chances. This woman slowly accumulates money, and carefully plans how she'll spend it.

The Capricorn woman knows her obligations in relationships and she'll make a dutiful and responsible mate. Her physical desires are strong, though she may be shy at first.

As firm as a rock on the surface, always hard-working, she'll need a mate who can understand her sometimes despondent moods and glum looks. These are most often caused by an ‘all work and no play' attitude. Though she won't ask for it, she often needs gentleness in her life.

Devoted to her children, they'll be well cared for, and she'll teach them the meaning of thrift and good manners. A little heavy on self-discipline at times, she may clash with them when they reach the unruly teens. Most times, though, they will get a polite listening ear and sensible advice.

She begins to grow when she realises that she needs more than work to fulfil her. A creative activity can put this woman in touch with the mysteries of life she sometimes misses in the workaday world. She needs to know that once in a while anything goes.

The Capricorn woman buries a romantic soul beneath her practical exterior. She yearns for a soul-mate to recognise her need for tenderness and the soft touch of summer.

Aquarius Woman

This woman is unpredictable. She's interested in everyone, but belongs to no one.

Her impartial nature often stands outside ordinary human concerns and she'll view them with a detached eye and won't be caught up in the emotions of the moment.

This clarity of thought is underpinned by a sharp insight. The Aquarian woman's main aim is to bring enlightenment to all around her.

Not overly ambitious, her work must be intriguing enough to contain her attention and she'll prefer to work with her head rather that with her hands.

Do not attempt to tie this woman to home as she'll blossom in relationships only if she can circulate in the open air of friendships and interests.

She needs a mate who'll appreciate her social skills and ability to mix. Then she'll return your openness with devotion and a quiet love.

Her children will benefit from her ability to take on their friends and tolerate their more usual interests, although she may have to make some slight adjustments to her usual aloofness, but she won't nag and she won't kill them with kindness.

This woman's dreams are about the future. She can usually see a little farther ahead than the rest of us. Do not dismiss her as impractical, instead encourage her unusual vision. What seems impossible now may be a daily event in twenty years time.

Do not attempt to tie this woman to home, as a housebound Aquarian woman is likely to be very morose creature indeed.

She needs a mate who'll appreciate her social skills and ability to mix, then she'll return openness with devotion and a quite love.

The Aquarian woman develops when she knows that she doesn't have to make a choice between family and outside interests. She needs both the warmth a home life can bring and the cool clarity of her thoughts. Then she benefits from stability and freedom.

Pisces Woman

A gentle dreamer, the Pisces woman is the one who floats through life. Perhaps, because in her deepest fantasies, Pisces has a powerful imagination.

But this woman has a giving quality, which connects her to all forms of life and she'll be found where she can express her creativity in a leisurely manner.

She also knows about the darker side of human nature instinctively, although may shy away from it, or try to make it better, but she recognises imperfection as part of life. It makes her very sad at times, brining up poignant memories of past misfortunes as it's not easy living with all those deep feelings. Then she might want to escape for a while, which is necessary because she needs to conserve her energy. How else can she be expected to serve humanity?

The Pisces woman is aware of all the undercurrents in the workplace and she's happiest where she can be of use to people. She responds to their needs as they arise. So this woman will not be suited to a routine job and she’s likely to be where the feelings are. Not necessarily a good organiser, she's the soul of sympathy when things go wrong and colleagues will find her a little vague, but kind hearted nonetheless.

She has a sense of duty if the work is interesting, but finds self-discipline difficult, if boredom sets in. At work her antenna is tuned in all the time and she'll know what people are feeling before they do.

She can always find a use for money, even though she's not one of the world's great savers, she likes to have enough of it to spend on her dreams once in a while. This woman looks for a partner who has the insight to know what her intentions are. Though she feels every subtle shift in the atmosphere, she may not be able to put her finger on them.

Then she's subject to the mood she picks up on. Unspoken communication is the watchword for her. A touch and a look mean a lot to this woman. In return, she'll be willing to adjust to her partner's needs. Her children will find her permissive and understanding of their many small troubles and upsets.

She'll be ready to hug if they need it and she'll make sacrifices so that her children have what she feels was denied her. One thing she'll have to watch, unless she wants an unruly mob in her house, is to set limits and learn to say no occasionally. Growth for this woman comes when she can reinforce her rich imagination with an ounce or two of practicality. Being sensible doesn't mean she'll lose contact wither soft nature, it just means that she can use it in the right place at the right time.

The Piscean woman is nature's mermaid. She dreams of contact with the human world, but only if she can return to the sea from time to time. Let her Go. When she returns she'll be refreshed and ready to face another day on land, making it a bigger and better world to live in.