Virgo Woman

The Virgo woman has lots of common sense, although she's shy. She's not one to stand out in a crowd, but she will be the one to stand back and take in all she sees with a clear eye.

Sincere and genuine in all she does, this is a woman who is hard to fool. Behind that calm façade is a mind which moves like clockwork.

Always busy, she is able to tackle problems efficiently, even when she is worrying about her performance. Sometimes she lacks confidence, and this can make her irritable and snappy; so can stupidity and carelessness.

Never one to stand disorder, she'll keep her mind as neat and fresh as her surroundings. Most of the time she looks like a gentle dreamer, but you can be sure that somewhere along the line she knows about all the details in her life that need correction. And she'll make sure that they're thoroughly sorted out.

This woman is a master of understatement at work. She'll be the one working quietly away in the corner. She dedicates herself to her chosen tasks with much efficiency. Usually she knows the worth of her own work and will expect a fair reward for her efforts.

Her sense of analysis is good and she's equally clever at using her hands. Virgo women are practical theorists at heart. But she won't easily put up with irresponsibility, as her tendency for hair-splitting criticism may take over, and less perfect mortals may become afraid of their every movement. But once she's relaxed in a routine where all is in order, her kind heart, and basic fairness, will shine through the working day.

Delicacy and grace will win over the Virgo woman. Caveman tactics will turn her off. She'll need to take her time to settle into a relationship, but once she has she'll devote herself to her partner with a singleness of purpose other suns signs might envy.

But she has to know what part she plays in your life. Not knowing will cause her to worry and fret. Once she feels safe, she can be a witty friend and a tender companion.

Children usually know where they are with this woman. Her sense of order and practicality see to that. Sometimes a little too much the disciplinarian, she will, however, pass on much quiet affection to her offspring when she feels securely loved.

This woman grows when she can let go of strict habits and too many routines indulge her humorous and gentle side. She'll need a variety of interests and creative projects to stop herself from becoming stale, and she'll be pretty good at bringing them to a productive conclusion.

Bread and roses are the substance of the Virgo woman's life. She's happiest when she's surrounded by beauty and order - provided she's allowed to create it. When her surroundings hum with peaceful activity and certain stillness fills the air, then you'll know she's content.