Virgo Man

Cool and quite on the outside, the Virgo man and can sometimes let inner doubts and anxieties affect his clear thinking.

Self- critical to a degree, he may worry that he's not as good as the next person. But this man is a sharp as a needle.

A realist at heart, he has few illusions about life. He's well able to assess what needs to be done to improve any situation he finds himself in, from home decorating to office organisation. His mind and hands never stop working.

Give him a problem to solve and he will think his way through it in record time - and produce a neat set of instructions to back up his argument. Then he'll roll up his sleeves and put them into practice without fuss and bother, at least if all goes according to plan.

At work, he's the one to be found keeping a perfect eye on details. Good with analysis, he'll be cranky and nit-picking if other people are not as careful and considerate as he is. He'll go out of his way to do the right thing and may try harder than he needs to please people. He expects others to do the same. Sloppy work practices are not for him, and he's liable to do the odd spot of nagging when things get out of order.

The Virgo man will expect financial reward for his work. ‘A fair day's work for a fair day's pay' is his motto. Not for him the endless socialising of office lunches; he'd sooner be getting on with the work.

He can be a workaholic and needs to watch his levels of nervous tension when the work temperature rises.

This man looks for a partner who'll give him the emotional security he secretly craves. As fastidious in love as in work, he'll spend a long time looking for a woman who lives up to the purity of expectations.

Emotional confusion and amateur dramatics are not for the Virgo man. A calm and discreet partner who's quietly loving and reassuring is the one he'll respond to best. Then he'll prove himself the most considerate of mates.

He's capable of enormous strength in difficult times if he knows that his partner will stick by him. While he may not be widely passionate, his love will burn steadily through a lifetime with a tenderness and gentleness not found among more fiery types.

The Virgo man is sometimes afraid to put his emotions where his ideals are. He develops when he learns that the rest of the world never matches the perfect picture his mind is always so busy creating. Accepting reality as occasionally imperfect helps him overcome his tendency to cynicism and disappointment.

More than most this man is capable of waving the tapestry of his own destiny. A collector of many different materials and objects, he sees life as a workshop, in which he can create a delicate sense of order and quiet industry. Let him be as he needs to know how all life works.