This woman is a power house of pride and self-will. She has an intense drive to get to the bottom of issues, but she'll hide this behind a placid, sometimes magnetic, front.

Don't be fooled by the mask as her intuition is well developed and she'll use it to change her life when she needs to. No one else will be allowed to change her, though.

Her likes and dislikes are fuelled by passion and she's capable of raising some mighty storms if she's crossed too often.

She values her privacy because she often feels vulnerable. She needs a safe place to retreat to, and a handful of trusted friends. Devoted herself, she expects loyalty from others. A goodkeeper of secrets, she'll treat those who break promises with an icy disdain.

Work for the Scorpio woman will include both passion and secrecy. She will do best where she can use her intense powers of perception. She hides her own thoughts, but she knows just where the hub of power is in the workplace - and she'll use it. There are no flies on this woman.

Determined, preserving, she's also ambitious. Set her a task and she knows without being told what the hidden agenda is. But she'll never say. She plays her cards close to her chest. Quiet but friendly to co-workers, she'll go her own way when it comes to the work in hand. Though her motives are hidden she'll play to win when the time's right - and she will win. She'll expect due payments for her efforts. This woman likes the prestige and goodies that money brings.

The female scorpion knows the meaning of sexuality and love in relationships.

She looks for a partner who's strong and intelligent. They will need to like her intensity of feeling, too. This woman does nothing by halves. If she feels loved - exclusively - she'll support her partner through thick and thin, defending him or her fiercely if needs be - but take her for granted and there will be trouble.

Children often sense her deep emotions and are drawn to her strength and devotion. She'll expect them to have high aspirations and to face difficulties with courage. Fearless herself, often she needs to know that it's human and normal for children to have a few anxieties and to want comforting when life's small problems get them down.

Development for this woman comes when she knows that her deep determination can help her contact her seething emotions and express them lovingly. Sometimes she just need to ‘let go and let god'. Then she'll recognize that not all the world is out to get her down.

Gathering experience is the life work of the Scorpio woman. Wherever she is, will be the place where another lesson's learned, another struggle's faced. She yearns for a Garden of Eden when she feels stressed and she deserves to be there - she's worked for it.