Scorpio Man

Self-control and secrecy are typical of the Scorpion Man. Single-minded, nothing moves a scorpion's opinions once he's fixed his eagle eye on an objective.

His motivation is so deep that even he may not be aware of it. Neither will you, unless he chooses to let you see something of the brooding intensity beneath his actions. He takes life seriously and is fiercely courageous when he feels under attack.

Quietly ambitious, he'll wait years for the right opportunity before striking.

Capable of much compassion, this man doesn't forget either a slight or a good turn. Make sure you're a friend, not an enemy. But once you've proved your loyalty, you can be sure his is there for life.

This man works with secrets and has a knack for investigation and an instinct for research. The Scorpio man always knows what is going on. He may not say much, but he knows exactly what he wants to achieve. Shrewd to a degree, he knows how to press a hard bargain, sometimes a little too ruthlessly.

Capable of enormous hard work, his reserves of energy ensure that he is reliable and thorough.

A power broker, he'll quietly beaver away in the face of obstacles, which would make other people quiver with fear. But he won't take criticism of his methods lightly and he won't pull his punches if he senses that he's being manipulated.

Money equals power to this man, and he'll always make sure that there is some in the bank.

There's an all-or-nothing quality to his relationships.

The Pluto-ruled man has an intensity of passion, which is difficult to fathom. His feelings are very deep, so deep that he's sometimes frightened of their power and prefers to keep them under wraps - until he can trust, that is.

Indeed, trust is important to the Scorpio man and he's easily hurt when his defences are down. Once he does trust, he'll go through hell and high water to make sure you're where he needs you. His partner will be his and his alone, sexually and emotionally.

He'll look for a partner who's faithful and strong. Play with his feelings and he'll erupt like Mount Etna. But if you understand his need for privacy, he'll be a caring and supportive partner.

The Scorpio man grows when he learns not to lean on people so heavily. The world isn't as easily divided into friends and enemies, as he sometimes believes. He needs to play with the shades of grey that could help lighten his load a little.

This man is tempered by the fires of life. He knows the heights of passion and the depths of power. His quest is for a deep emotional knowledge, which will help him to hold on to both wisdom and understanding.