This woman is charmingly frank and also very independent. The housewife role isn't for her as she much prefers to be travelling - even if it's only to work and back. More likely that the journey will be a never ending quest, even though her goal isn't always clear.

The Sagittarian woman doesn't like to be pinned down. If she is she's likely to develop a very clever wit, if not a sarcastic tongue. Most of the time she's cheerful and open, with many friends and interests to keep her busy. But she likes it to be recognised.

This woman can soak up attention and knows how to get it. She'll hate to stand still and will take chances if she sees an opportunity coming her way. Her sharp mind ensures it won't pass her by.

At work the Sagittarian female is a go-getter. She can sniff a likely chance developing before the plans are on the table, and she'll make sure she's there before they are. Occasionally her timing is off, but not often.

Anyone who can use a razor sharp mind would be wise to employ her. She'll use her intuition to know what to avoid, and she'll know what people to cultivate. She has a precise memory and can use it to her advantage. One thing she'll have to watch is her sometimes tactless tongue and an inability to keep secrets.

She'll want her reward right now, if possible, and knows her financial worth and has no trouble asking for her due.

She will want freedom in her relationships. The jealous, possessive type isn't for her. She's a light-hearted companion who looks for fun and interest in her partner.

She'll apply clear, outspoken logic to any situation, so partners will be able to take the rough with the smooth. And the going can get rough if the Sagittarian woman feels that the partnership is getting stale and boring.

An actress at heart, she'll use some pretty dramatic tactics to ginger it up. Life for her children will be a three-ring circus: always busy and interesting.

Usually she's not hot on discipline. Children enjoy her bright optimism, though the softer souls might quail under her forthright remarks. Sometimes she needs to move a little gently with them.

This woman grows when she knows that her bright mind can go on working whatever she's doing. Even the mundane has a touch of magic and idealism about it. Until then she'll see ordinary reality as a trap she won't fall into.

The Sagittarian woman needs her dreams and her ideals. If she can occasionally shoot an arrow over the rainbow and make the sun come out, she knows the world will be a brighter place. Then she may just turn her eyes downwards to see how the grass grows.