Sagittarius Man

This man flies higher and reaches farther than any other sign of the zodiac.

He's not always good at seeing what's underneath his feet - lesser mortals can be heavily trodden underfoot as he tramps his way through the world.

He's the lively one to be found in a group, always at the centre of a debate, he'll be the body to say what he thinks directly, if a little tactlessly.

In fact bluntness is his hallmark, but he means no harm. A questor, he's wherever the action is and if there's an ideal attached to it, so much the better. Mostly sunny-tempered, he can flare up like a nuclear warhead if he's pushed around, but he's quick to forget. A restless optimist, the Sagittarius man needs to keep moving.

The work he chooses has to keep him interested, otherwise he's off where the grass is greener. His enthusiasm and optimism will keep everyone in the workplace lively.

The Sagittarius man sets the fast pace and is something of a gambler. He'll pay for deals no one else would dare attempt - and he'll mostly win them. He'll rely on his hunches and make sure he's in the right place at the right time. Mainly his intuition and sharp intellect will get him what he wants and this man wants his reward now, if not yesterday. He's a keen nose for money making and the right opportunity, but can be a little mean if he feels he's not getting his due reward. Upset his applecart and everybody will know about it.

The Sagittarius man is interested in relationships - as long as they are kept at the right level. Emotional intensity is a no-no for this man. He's more likely to look for someone who stimulates his mind and stops him from boring himself.

He likes the romance of the chase, and sees himself of something of a knight on a white charger, but he's equally likely to be off again once the prey's in the net. At least early in life.

Once he's learned to stop tilting at romantic windmills, he'll look for a partner who'll give enough rope to hang himself, who's generous and affectionate, but has a life of his or her own and a will to match. If you are this rare paragon, he may be curious and intrigued enough to stay around.

When he's learned to slow down a little and stay linked to some very mundane difficulties, this man grows. He won't take his enthusiasm being dampened forever, but a wise Sagittarian will use it to unstick the sticky patches on life's highway.

He needs the wide open spaces. They fill his vision with a supreme confidence in the basic goodness of life. Then his dreams soar and his imagination takes flight. Don't pull him down to earth too often, only enough to make sure he's human.