Pisces Woman

A gentle dreamer, the Pisces woman is the one who floats through life. Perhaps, because in her deepest fantasies, Pisces has a powerful imagination.

But this woman has a giving quality, which connects her to all forms of life and she'll be found where she can express her creativity in a leisurely manner.

She also knows about the darker side of human nature instinctively, although may shy away from it, or try to make it better, but she recognises imperfection as part of life. It makes her very sad at times, brining up poignant memories of past misfortunes as it's not easy living with all those deep feelings. Then she might want to escape for a while, which is necessary because she needs to conserve her energy. How else can she be expected to serve humanity?

The Pisces woman is aware of all the undercurrents in the workplace and she's happiest where she can be of use to people. She responds to their needs as they arise. So this woman will not be suited to a routine job and she’s likely to be where the feelings are. Not necessarily a good organiser, she's the soul of sympathy when things go wrong and colleagues will find her a little vague, but kind hearted nonetheless.

She has a sense of duty if the work is interesting, but finds self-discipline difficult, if boredom sets in. At work her antenna is tuned in all the time and she'll know what people are feeling before they do.

She can always find a use for money, even though she's not one of the world's great savers, she likes to have enough of it to spend on her dreams once in a while. This woman looks for a partner who has the insight to know what her intentions are. Though she feels every subtle shift in the atmosphere, she may not be able to put her finger on them.

Then she's subject to the mood she picks up on. Unspoken communication is the watchword for her. A touch and a look mean a lot to this woman. In return, she'll be willing to adjust to her partner's needs. Her children will find her permissive and understanding of their many small troubles and upsets.

She'll be ready to hug if they need it and she'll make sacrifices so that her children have what she feels was denied her. One thing she'll have to watch, unless she wants an unruly mob in her house, is to set limits and learn to say no occasionally. Growth for this woman comes when she can reinforce her rich imagination with an ounce or two of practicality. Being sensible doesn't mean she'll lose contact wither soft nature, it just means that she can use it in the right place at the right time.

The Piscean woman is nature's mermaid. She dreams of contact with the human world, but only if she can return to the sea from time to time. Let her Go. When she returns she'll be refreshed and ready to face another day on land, making it a bigger and better world to live in.