Pisces Man

The Pisces man is a bit of a chameleon. Impressionable and soft-natured, he's the one who blends into his surroundings. He'll also take the path of least resistance, as he doesn't find it easy to compete with hardier souls.

A romantic at heart, he'll look for the good in everybody even when his dreams are trodden on, and he's more than capable of loving his neighbour as himself. Yet he's an actor, too.

Even the shy Pisces male will gravitate towards the spotlight on occasions, not to steal the limelight, but to display a rich and deep mixture of human emotions. This man knows better that any other sign the joys and pains of the human heart. This man is a sensitive at work. Put him where he can act compassionately on people's behalf and he's content. He may not be very ambitious, but he'll work with a will if he's happy with his job.

Elusive himself, he's shrewd about people's feelings and he'll pay attention to detail when he's in the mood, but prefers to let it all hang out and work in chaos. You never know which it will be with the fish. He likes to hide his motives and aims, and work mates may find him something of a puzzle. "Here today, gone today", seems to be his working motto and peaceful atmosphere with no heavy emotional vibes suits him well. This man likes money and he's a spender, not a saver, but he won't sell his soul for it. Reasonableness in all things works best for him.

In relationships the Pisces male can be all things to all people. He's an actor, remember, and he'll go for tolerance, not blame accusation. He's not very good at explaining himself, so sometimes he comes across as moody and difficult, when he's troubled. When the waters are calm, he's a gentle, funny companion who likes the soft touch and sweet music. This man yearns for the quiet life, and he'll change his position to anything that' will achieve it, making him a little unreliable at times. He'll look for a warm, stable partner, one who understands his many shifts of emotion.
Living with this man is like watching a school of fish: you never know which way it' will turn. What he has to offer is unselfishness and a shy sensitivity to your feelings. This man grows when he can pin himself down to reality a little. The world isn't always harsh and unfeeling. Roses sometimes grow in the strangest places and he needs to know that he can always cultivate a quiet garden within himself. That is the safest retreat of all.