Libra Man

Balance in all things is the aim of the Libra Man. This doesn't mean he always achieves it, but he tries. Mentally restless, but never in a hurry, this man will see all sides of an issue before he takes a decision.

The bridge-builder of the Zodiac, fairness in judgement is ingrained in his nature. He finds it difficult to say ‘no'. He's a thinker, and is skilled at knowing how to please, but he'll be on his way if he thinks he's on the road to truth.

Never impatient, the Libra man doesn't like to be pushed. Above all he needs time to consider all the options. Once he's made up his mind, he'll present his answers with tact and diplomacy. Pleasant-mannered, but sometimes stubborn, he knows persuasion is his strong point.

In work, the Libra man can be a powerhouse of quiet activity and so laid-back that he's almost on the floor. A natural debater, he's a master at presenting the pros and cons of an argument. Give him work where he can seek a consensus among different opinions and he's happy.

A good mediator in disputes, he'll handle people with charm and ease. He may have difficulties coming to a decision at times, but he'll usually come up with the right answer. He works best in harmonious environment.

Good at argument himself, he'll hate being in an atmosphere where emotions take over from logic. He'll expect due financial reward for his work, but money is for spending and surrounding himself with beautiful objects - even at work.

This man will go for popularity in relationships. He wants to please and keep things sweet and he doesn't have a need to figure out what's going on below the surface.

When young he'll be drawn into a number of relationships. He learns when he realises that he needs more than his fine mind to value people.

Emotions can be something of a treacle trap for him. He's often confused and hurt without understanding why. Eventually he learns to bring logic and feeling together. He'll never willingly hurt his partner and he's not likely to be tight with budgets.

He likes his home to be an oasis of peace and beauty, although he's not so good with the routine and keeping it that way. A strange mixture, the Libra man. Make sure you're the patient type if you love him.

Learning to cope with indecision is the growth point for the Libra Man. Occasionally he needs to speed up his reaction time and accept that he can't cover all the options safely. Life requires that he takes risks and that he'll sometimes make mistakes.

Harmony is what he seeks, and harmony is what he works for. The Libra man comes into his own when justice is tempered and summer balances winter. Then you'll see that this fair-minded nature has a beauty as rare as cool water in the desert.