Big-hearted and determined, the Leo is the star of her own show. A wise distributor of tasks, she hides a strong intensity of purpose under her outwardly steady nature.

She's renowned for her hunting skills and she's equally good at bringing home the kill, and she'll expect masses of attention for all her hard work.

A natural ruler, the lioness assumes that she won't be ignored. If her pride is threatened, she'll pounce and a dramatic display of fireworks results. She is direct and honest in her actions, and expects other people to be as upfront as she is.

The lioness has a basic faith in life. When she allows her strength and courage to direct her actions, then her sunny nature shines through. Good at resource-gathering, this woman has an overview of any work she undertakes. Often to be found at the head of a group, she thrives on responsibility.

Her broad vision is the inspiration for those who carry out the practical details. Her workplace thrums with well-ordered activity and everyone knows just which part of the machine they are expected to operate. If it doesn't, she's quite capable of dealing with unruly and disruptive elements firmly.

The workplace must run smoothly. She's not concerned with trivia and will delegate routine tasks to others when she can. But her work is not only geared towards recognition of her achievements. It also provides the means for those luxuries she must have. The Leo woman likes to pamper herself.

In partnerships the Leo woman is the most trusting of souls. Treat her respectively because she expects warmth and loyalty form her partner. When well loved, she is calm and steady, as long as you can realise that she has made a concession to be that way. Cross her, and she definitely won't be submissive.

She'll be generous and affectionate towards her children, as long as they know who's the boss. She won't allow them to play up repeatedly. This mother is not afraid to confront temper tantrums and domestic storms. She'll create a few of her own if she is swept aside too often. She'll allow her children a measure of independence to grow at their own pace, but she'll have to watch the she doesn't always expect her offspring to conform to her standards.

The Leo woman grows when she knows that now is the right time to make concessions and compromise. Not always, but enough times to allow other people to feel comfortable, basking in the lionesses glow. Then a rightful pride in her achievements replaces the vanity she sometimes indulges in.

The Lioness is happiest when she is centre stage. She'll work to be just that, but when she's reached the top, she'll want to rest and enjoy it for a while. Once this woman organises so that she can take the smooth with the smooth, then you'll see now contentedly she can purr.