This man likes ruling. His pride and a certain charming arrogance shine through when he's being a big cat.

When he decides to be a cub, he'll be playful and just as winning. But either way don't step on his toes: he'll roar, and go on roaring until you realise just how much you've broken his big heart and disturbed his dignity.

The Leo man never does things in halves. He'll either be calm and stately in his dealings with people, or he'll opt for a commanding fashion. He wants respect, and he's not above acting dramatically in order to get it.

Responsible and dependable, this man finds it difficult to lean on others. Though he may complain - loudly - about the burden he's expected to carry, don't try relieving him of his kingdom. The lion doesn't give up his territory easily.

At work, the Leo man wants to be noticed. Leadership is his forte, provided he has a bevy of people to carry out his orders. He may not be master of the boring detail, but he is kind of the grand strategy, and he likes it to be pinned up in public in gold letters. Then everyone can see how well he is doing.

Born to execute work and a hard worker, he won't hide his light under a bushel. He'll praise fellow workers, but he's not stinting with disapproval, when he feels it's deserved. Sensitive souls might find it a touch overpowering. He doesn't mean to instil fear, but he does like things done his way. This man knows how to keep finances and power circulating.

Generous with money himself, he expects to be rewarded for his own work, then he is able to show how large his heart is.

A stable partnership for this man is a must. The teasing, flirtatious type has no appeal for him. Once he's given his heart he expects his partner and family to revolve around his needs, though he will dispense love and affection when these are met.

When he feels unloved or upstaged, he will make sure you know he's feeling sad and neglected. He may not even roar when his heart is broken, but he'll show how wounded he is, and he expects something to be done about it - by you!

He enjoys praise and recognition, just as much at home, as in other parts of his kingdom. When both are well, then the lion is likely to purr contentedly. The Leo man develops when he knows the difference between flattery and praise, and vanity and self-confidence. Early in life, he may have difficulty distinguishing between them.

Learning to tone down the roar is often the first step in taking on board other people's feelings. This man has a heart as large as the noonday sun. King of all he surveys, he's happiest resting in the shade of the largest tree on the savannah. Then his vision of life is wide and his rule is peaceful and prosperous.