Gemini Woman

The Gemini woman has her feet on the ground, until she's distracted, then everything falls apart quite quickly.

An exciting kind of woman, she wants to know exactly what's going on.

Good with her hands, she's not always so good with her head, and in fact can be quite scatty at times. Bright eyed and bushy tailed, she'll survey the picture in front of her, with a questioning glance.

Once she's extracted what she needs, she'll dart off to the next project to see what's new and curious there too.

She changes her opinions so often that she seems unreliable, and she becomes anxious and indecisive when forced to make a choice. This woman likes to keep her options open. Her spirits flag if she's pinned down to one response.

At work she's the great communicator. She needs change, options and free space to move fast, and think even faster. Give her an abstract problem and she'll reduce it to a workable plan in double quick time, in fact give her two as she likes more than one project to be on the go, otherwise she gets bored.

She has a restless energy and can be charmingly persuasive. She could sell coals to Newcastle, never mind take them there.

She likes a quick return for her efforts so her tasks need to be short and to the point. She's likely to become impatient and irritable if it's even suggested she keeps her nose to the same old grindstone.

Given half the chance she's the one who'll keep the workplace buzzing with jokes, general gossip and, above all, fresh ideas.

In love this woman has a sparkle in her eyes. While she keeps her mind on her partner, her active imagination could be a million miles away.

The way to this woman's heart is to stimulate her mind. Engage her curiosity continually and she'll look for more. Depress her or stifle her and she'll look elsewhere. Provide her with a home she can re-decorate often, fill her kitchen with gadgets and she might be interested enough to stay.

She will be in a rush for her children to grow up quickly because she communicates better with people who answer her back. As a mother she'll provide her children with lots of information. She strives to be a friend as well as a mother and she succeeds.

At times she even turns the relationship on its head by becoming like a child herself as the Gemini woman, being the sign of youth, doesn't like to grow up too quickly.

The Gemini woman grows when she learns to adjust to the needs of others. Her many-sided mind can help her to see where feelings might be more important than thoughts. It's then she's at her most inventive when providing solutions.

For this woman to thrive, each day has to have its exciting element. She has to scan every horizon for a new discovery. It's only then she's at peace within the boundaries of her busy world.