Capricorn Woman

Prudence and reserve are the watchwords for this woman. She's a great one for the natural order, and sees that each person has a place in it and she will be found where she can improve her lot on life.

The Capricorn woman aspires to great heights, although she'll make the climb step, by careful step. She'll only move along tried and trusted paths on the way.

A great believer in discipline and duty, she has a cautious approach to life and is good at merging with the background, but her eye always remains steady.

She's capable and good under pressure, planning ahead with certainty. A tortoise, never a hare, the female Capricorn will eventually outstrip seemingly faster folk, before claiming her due.

This woman knows all about noses and grindstones. Dependable at work, she's the one who's always busy, but always calm and assured. She can be relied on to apply herself to tasks diligently and is not one for laziness or waste, preferring to labour away.

Her advice is usually spot on and she knows how to work the grand plan. Achievement and ambition are built into this woman's bones and she won't stop until she reaches the top.

A good manager with a wide-ranging intelligence, she's best where work has a practical application. Her attitude to money is serious, and she's a good businesswoman, though she won't take any chances. This woman slowly accumulates money, and carefully plans how she'll spend it.

The Capricorn woman knows her obligations in relationships and she'll make a dutiful and responsible mate. Her physical desires are strong, though she may be shy at first.

As firm as a rock on the surface, always hard-working, she'll need a mate who can understand her sometimes despondent moods and glum looks. These are most often caused by an ‘all work and no play' attitude. Though she won't ask for it, she often needs gentleness in her life.

Devoted to her children, they'll be well cared for, and she'll teach them the meaning of thrift and good manners. A little heavy on self-discipline at times, she may clash with them when they reach the unruly teens. Most times, though, they will get a polite listening ear and sensible advice.

She begins to grow when she realises that she needs more than work to fulfil her. A creative activity can put this woman in touch with the mysteries of life she sometimes misses in the workaday world. She needs to know that once in a while anything goes.

The Capricorn woman buries a romantic soul beneath her practical exterior. She yearns for a soul-mate to recognise her need for tenderness and the soft touch of summer.