The Capricorn man believes in improvement. A good strategist, the goat determinedly moves from crag to crag as he quietly furthers his ambitions.

There's always an atmosphere of seriousness around this man and he's very aware of his own status. He's likely to be practical and conscientious on his way to the top - and the uppermost position is just what he wants. He'll persevere more than any other sign of the Zodiac to achieve his ends.

This man has a sober approach to life and has a deep respect for tradition and the wisdom which comes from age and experience. Ruled by the end for success, he can sometimes be a gloomy and pessimistic soul. But that's only when he feels blocked in his upward progress. Most times he achieves his aims.

Building is what comes naturally to this man and give him a plan to put into operation and he'll make sure that the product is soundly constructed. He may take his time, but mistakes will be few and he'll remain businesslike.

Good at tying up all the loose ends, this man expects colleagues to be as painstaking as he is. He knows how to crack the whip if he has to, but he's also a respector of hard work. The goat will be happy with routine, provided he knows what the goal is. Cool-headed in a crisis, he'll also be fatherly to those who need help and advice.

Careful with money, with an eye for a good bargain, he'll accumulate financial resources steadily over the years as money in the pension fund equals security for the goat.

In partnerships the Capricorn man will expect recognition. Dependable and prudent, he often yearns to play the giddy goat and do a comic turn, but he'll only do so with a partner who makes him feel safe.

Although he's reserved on the outside, this man has a steadfast heart. He opens up sexually when he feels truly loved and respected. The goat's emotions soften as he grows older. He's often a late bloomer.

He'll appreciate a partner who reveres family ties and tradition. Anniversaries and family celebrations mean a lot to him. He'll keep a dutiful eye on the budget and will be aware of the need to save for retirement. The goat knows what he wants from a relationship and he's thoughtful enough to recognize quality when he sees it.

Development happens for this man when he knows that he doesn't have to plan his life away. Sometimes he just needs to take a chance and trust the results. Not always, but enough to know that life isn't all work - it can be fun, too.

The goat's soft heart is often hidden. He needs to let his romantic yearnings show once in a while. Let him have his holidays. Then he'll show his crazy sense of humour and his rich understanding of life's more absurd moments.