This woman's driving force is the strength of her emotions. Ruled by the moon and all its moods, she's as changeable as the weather.

Her feelings and responses provide the basis for all her relationships. Insecure if she's not loved and cherished, she will cling like the proverbial crab to people who provide tenderness and appreciation. But this woman is strong, too!

She is just as capable of protecting and nurturing others. Mostly kind and sympathetic, her motto is 'if you love me you won't leave me.'

She can be hesitant, preferring to let time pass before putting her trust in people. It's only when she does that she will reveal her loyalty, tenacity, but best of all the depths of her caring heart.

Work for this woman is a must! She has a strong need for security and an even stronger need for a hoard of money in the bank. She has an eye for a bargain and is capable of bartering with the best.

Career wise she feels safest with what she knows and has tested over the years. In the workplace she is the one most likely to be the quiet matriarch of the group.

She will instinctively understand the emotional atmospheres which more level-headed types tend to miss. Aware of undercurrents, she has the capacity to use them to build her work skills steadily over time.

Serenity and patience are virtually Gods to her. She needs them to offset the anxieties and tensions of the working day. Sacrifice and possession are paramount in the Cancer woman relationships.

When she loves - and she loves devotedly - she will show the warmth of her vulnerable emotions, but don't trample on her dreams, or ignore her need for romantic expression. It's at that point her empathy will disappear into a flood of tears and she will emphasise the sense of betrayal she is feeling to such a degree that it would be enough to make even the most innocent of partners feel like a heel.

However her coyness and touchiness soon disappear when she is feeling safe.

Nothing is too good for her partner, or children, and her home will be a comfortable refuge for the world-weary. Capable of showing enormous love and dedication to her children, she may have difficulty letting them go when the time comes.

The crab clings, remember! This woman grows when she is able to acknowledge her imagination openly. Once her fears and fantasies are exposed to the cold light of day, she is more likely to put them into perspective. Then she will be able to laugh at herself a little and other people will feel freer in her company.

The Cancer female is a carer and protector but equally enjoys  being cared for and protected.

When she can safely work it both ways this woman is generous with her emotions, and hugely understanding of the pains and joys of the human heart.