Cancer Man

The Cancer man has a remarkable self defence system, when he is not busy protecting his family and loved ones that is!

Sometimes seen to be crabby and snappy, as his starsign symbol portrays, and this man will take offence if people start to move too close and start to hurt him, even unintentionally.

His feelings are soft under that Cancerian shell and he intuitively picks up on other people's motives. A strong fighter and carer on the outside, he is warm hearted and sensitive beneath the surface, but he will only show those tender feelings to the people he loves and trusts.

This man needs to feel safe, and he can be tenacious, when it comes to holding on to his security. He is not the type to act on impulse and can feel rather uncomfortable around people who do. It's then that he will show signs of shyness and will keep his thoughts and feelings to himself.

This soft centred creature is a conservative at work. Born to responsibility and leadership, he is an expert at teasing out what people want. The first of the water signs, he uses his intuition well.

He's an accumulator and canny businessman, a provider of services, and aware of his workmates feelings. Compassionate though he is, however, he will expect others to be as hard working as himself, and he's the type who always quietly keeps his goals in sight.

It may take him years to reach the top of the pile, but do it he will, and no one will ever know what it has cost him, in terms of emotional stress. Ask him and he won't even know himself.

This man needs his days off. He needs relaxation. He needs home comforts. The tried and tested certainly will give him the tenacity to face the next day's problems.

He has many moods in his close relationships. By turns he can be cantankerous, a humorous lunatic, sensitive, understanding, and silent, but all with great depth of emotion.

Strangely enough, he may have difficulty showing just how deep his feelings are, and will not readily admit that he clings to loved ones. He is more likely to be the one to do the protecting and cherishing, at least on the surface.

Partners will need to learn to read him like a book, because he will rarely ask for what he most needs. That's tenderness and plenty of it.

When he feels really safe the poet and the dreamer then emerge. This man is as capable of writing love sonnets as he is making money, because that vivid imagination of his underpins the two worlds he loves best: romance and security.

The Cancer man develops when he can admit to his vulnerability. It relieves his fear and moodiness to know he is understood and accepted and doesn't always have to be the provider.

He needs to know his zany humour is a good outlet for his anxieties. Secrecy, caution, and a long memory are the watchwords of the Cancer man.

Though he won't forget the lessons life has taught him, he will eventually find the courage to face the future, without fear.