Aries Woman

The Aries woman is a bit of a Joan of Arc. Give her a cause and she'll fight for it, and everyone around her will know it.

Courageous in voicing her opinions, she's often the spokeswoman of the group, for as long as she stays interested.

A firebrand if she's ignored, this is not a woman to take lightly. She'll often act on impulse. Act first think later is her motto. She finds it difficult to take advice. Her motivation is to carve a place for herself in the world, and a pinch of danger adds zest to the quest.

This woman is capable of fighting her own battles without harbouring grudges. What hurts her is if she's shunned as a trouble maker, or is renowned for her dogmatism. She only wants to be honest and direct.

At work, you'd notice her in a room. She's the one who seems supremely confident, experimenting with her new ideas and projects. Bursting with enthusiasm, she's able to hold her own in a man's worlds and a man's group.

Subtlety isn't her strong point and she won't willingly put herself in the way of routine work. She needs inspiration to keep up her determination to succeed. The action job is the one for an Aries woman, the one which has plenty of variety. Then she's at her best: enterprising and resourceful.

She's a natural promoter. What dampens her ardour is to be ignored and overlooked. When she can't fire on all cylinders at once, this woman is quickly disheartened. She needs the buzz of a busy workplace to remind her that she's alive.

The Aries woman is quick to love and expects a response NOW. She's not above playing huntress at times. Men who can cope with her passion are likely to hold her interest; those who are cool and detached need not apply.

A leader in most things, she is ardent in love, but even then she won't be told what to do. Her love and her home are hers and she wants that recognised, although she will back down if she feels her partner has a fair point to make.

At home, as at work, she has a flair for organisation, as long as she's not expected to bother with details. Openly loving and responsive to children, she may have to watch that she's not always proving them, pushing them or showing them off. Every home needs a quiet fireside once in a while.

The female Aries grows when she begins to recognise her habit of leaving things and people unfinished. A hive of activity, she moves from one task to another with a speed that stuns. Her fear is loss of freedom to manoeuvre. If she gives herself the chance to slow down once in a while, she might get to smell the roses, rather than forcing them to grow.

Enterprising and energetic, this woman has a need to affirm her identity. Her naivety and eagerness for life can be endearing. She needs to know that life stays interesting, if not, her forceful optimism will make it so.