Aries Man

This man likes challenge. His approach to life is to take it head on regardless of obstacles. He'll start a project, and expect people to bend to his rules, but he's not so good at following through himself. A natural leader, he'll automatically have followers.

Something of a hero, like Hercules, he needs to be there first. This man has a strong ego, and once his eye is set on a goal nothing will stop him using all the power and control he can muster to get there, so he is often accused of being tactless and arrogant.

He is the battering ram of the zodiac, the thoughtless sheep -  the irresponsible lamb only appears when he's not feeling up to par.

Once locked onto a career objective, he'll work hard. Freedom of expression is necessary to this man, as he doesn't take kindly to being led. Don't ask him to change his mind, he won't!

He knows where he wants to go and enjoys the hustle and bustle of the market place, bouncing ideas and projects off people along the way.

Sometimes reckless, he enjoys the challenge of proving that he's vital and alive. The first sign of the zodiac always pushes for its ideas to be accepted, then it's off to the next project.

The Aries man takes his financial rewards as his god given right. He spends too. This won't bother him. Tomorrow is another day and another challenge.

Though he's a worker, he plays hard in his own time. The Aries world moves at a fast pace - it has to . Aries commands it. In love this man is passionate. Relationships and sex must be all fulfilling. He doesn't have time to waste and his approach is direct and up front. Partners will need stamina to cope with his flashes and sparks of romantic need.

At other times, the Aries man will expect his partner to meet fire with fire, otherwise he'll feel that his flame is doused. The world is his oyster and he gets bored if he can't have his own way right now.

A joyous and sexually expressive man, Aries needs to work on permanency in relationships, then he'll know he's taken on board some lessons about patience and diplomacy.

The growth point for Aries is in his realm of power. A fighter for what he wants, he can go over the top in his effort to achieve it. People then find him dogmatic, domineering and selfish. Not above using a little pressure in his hurry to reach the top, the Aries man needs to calm down and remember that other people might not want to compete as fiercely as he does - and they're right to be that way.

Masterful, vital, in charge, the Aries man can be dominant at home, but really needs to be dominant at work. In the wider world, there is always something to create, and Aries' grasp of the new day and the new dawn is sometimes awe inspiring to watch.