Aquarius Woman

This woman is unpredictable. She's interested in everyone, but belongs to no one.

Her impartial nature often stands outside ordinary human concerns and she'll view them with a detached eye and won't be caught up in the emotions of the moment.

This clarity of thought is underpinned by a sharp insight. The Aquarian woman's main aim is to bring enlightenment to all around her.

Not overly ambitious, her work must be intriguing enough to contain her attention and she'll prefer to work with her head rather that with her hands.

Do not attempt to tie this woman to home as she'll blossom in relationships only if she can circulate in the open air of friendships and interests.

She needs a mate who'll appreciate her social skills and ability to mix. Then she'll return your openness with devotion and a quiet love.

Her children will benefit from her ability to take on their friends and tolerate their more usual interests, although she may have to make some slight adjustments to her usual aloofness, but she won't nag and she won't kill them with kindness.

This woman's dreams are about the future. She can usually see a little farther ahead than the rest of us. Do not dismiss her as impractical, instead encourage her unusual vision. What seems impossible now may be a daily event in twenty years time.

Do not attempt to tie this woman to home, as a housebound Aquarian woman is likely to be very morose creature indeed.

She needs a mate who'll appreciate her social skills and ability to mix, then she'll return openness with devotion and a quite love.

The Aquarian woman develops when she knows that she doesn't have to make a choice between family and outside interests. She needs both the warmth a home life can bring and the cool clarity of her thoughts. Then she benefits from stability and freedom.