Aquarius Man

The Aquarius man has a faraway look in his eyes. Sometimes you won't believe he inhabits the same planet as the rest of us.

Friendly and soft-spoken, he's usually streets ahead of his time. He'll be happy in a crowd of people who'll enthuse about his new ideas and pick up on his curiosity. A natural rebel, he'll push boundaries in some pretty strange directions if he feels people will benefit. But don't be fooled by his eccentricity. This man is a realist and usually has a fixed purpose in mind.

You'll find that out of you push him, although he'll keep it loose and pleasant on this surface. He won't dictate how anyone should live, neither will he be dictated to. Honest and sincere, he's able to present his point of view in a detached and impersonal manner.

At work, this man is a theorist and not so good at practical issues, plus he's insightful and intuitive, provided he's given the freedom to express himself. Liberal and laid back, he'll try to keep on good terms with all his workmates, but he won't stand for dishonesty or laziness. He's likely to drop those who don't live up to his own standards of truth.

A little aloof at the best of times, his fine perfection works well when he has a line of thought to pursue - it's then he needs privacy to work out his idea . But don't set a deadline as he's sure to forget it. His attitude to money is shrewd, although he won't push for more that his due, and it's unwise to take advantage of him. The Aquarian man knows better than most how many beans make five.

Impersonal in his approach, the Aquarian man doesn't show his true feelings at first. He's a little cool with everybody, even partners. He can be confusing, sometimes giving the come-on signals, sometimes switching off.

He doesn't mean to be hurtful, but he can have difficulties with intimacy. A light touch is needed with this man, and an understanding of his need for solitude.

He'll respond best to a partner who shares his high ideals and sense of values. Then he'll thaw, and he'll be a tolerant, human mate. But he's not pliable. A display of opportunism and possessiveness in close relationships and he's off. This man will not be tied down. The ideal partner for him is someone who wants to be his friend.

Growth for this man comes when he realises that loving one person doesn't cut him off from the rest of the world. In fact, it's more likely to put him in touch with ordinary human imperfection. Then he can be a true helper of humanity.

Distant visions are a must for this man. He sees landscapes beyond the confines of the mundane world. It can make him lonely at times. Show him that you understand his aims and he'll warm up and share some more of his delicate dreams.