Pisces weekly horoscope 1 October to 7 October [1]

Your individuality is what stands out most on your resume of life. You’ve stood up to be counted and you’ve made your voice heard, so more power to your elbow. This is a week however that you need to look at money and finances from another angle. Are you saving for a trip you have planned? Are you spending too much money on trivia? Are you saving and spending in equal measures? Are you building something up for your future? Whatever you’re doing, you’re doing it in a strong structured way as the full moon on Thursday will illuminate. It will also help you jettison anything you don’t need. By the weekend you’ll be in party mode, but that could clash with plans a partner or close friend has made, leaving you with the dilemma do you spend or save? Choose wisely.

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Pisces [2]
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Weekly [3]