November horoscope


There’s a new direction written in the stars for you this month Aries and I love it for you. Mars, your ruling planet, makes you more focused from the get-go because it’s in earthy, ambitious Capricorn. But, on the 10th, it moves into Aquarius, and it’s around this time that you might start to make a habit of thinking that you’re right and that everybody else is wrong. Please watch that this attitude doesn’t take hold of you completely. But, I have to say, it also means that ambitions are being stirred and you’re really going to be able to make yourself known and that you’re going to be doing it your way. This is also the month to think long term, and the more you do that, the better things will be. This is a time for discussions and not, again, trying to bulldoze your opinions. You’re going to be buzzing and blazing a trail because you’re in control of things and less like you’re freewheeling. A fabulous month for you all round I reckon.


It’s a really good month to look at life from a partnership angle and put your best cooperative foot forward too. This is when you iron out problems in your love life or pep it up if it’s been boring. Yes, Taurus, long-term relationship tedium gets knocked on the head if you put more effort in where it’s been lacking, and life becomes more exciting than it has been in ages. The combined force of all of this might knock you for six so stand by. Mars is going to help you put your money where your mouth is if you’ve been talking up an idea or what seems like ages but it just hasn’t got off the ground . You may not be the best team player because you’re so single-minded and you’ll be asserting yourself and doing things your way – as an individual. Maybe you haven’t been able to face planning for Christmas, but you will be going for it now that you have the cosmos on your side – plus you’ve got a lovely laidback attitude come the end of the month.


Those dark nights can get you down because you’re usually of such a sunny disposition, but it’s a good month nevertheless and mainly because of that wonderful sense of purpose you have. This is when you’re not afraid of rolling up those sleeves, getting the nuts and bolts of the job done, and making everything happen your way. Your ruler Mercury’s move from Scorpio to Sagittarius brings you the mental stimulation that you need, and encourages you to multi-task. Meanwhile, Neptune backward has been fogging up your career intentions, and the fact that it goes forward this month means that you can apply your focus and make things move. You’re going to feel more confident and appreciated a lot more than you have been. If it works for you, don’t question it. You could also come up against authority figures, and if you communicate effectively, there shouldn’t be any problems with this either.


What a tremendous month for asserting yourself, Cancer. This is also a creative time for you because of the move of the love planets, Venus and Mars into two partnership-oriented parts of the chart – and this is what’s going to give you an edge in your dealings with others. There’s a full moon midmonth in an ambitious place in your chart so you’ll be up for some cut and thrust, and your whole sense of individuality also steps up as you roll up those sleeves. Emotionally, you’re content and romantic – if you want to be. Neptune moves forward at last and you’re able to tune in, journey and understand a lot of things and clear away any debris. Make sure that you don’t overdo it, though, and get plenty of rest. The move of the sun into the sign of Sagittarius on the 23rd means that something new is about to occur in the month of December.


Action is your buzzword because dynamic, fiery Mars moves into your opposite sing of Aquarius. If you feel like you need a push from other people to get motoring, then you’re in luck, because this is exactly what you’re going to get. Mars in this part of the chart can also bring obstacles, but it brings more in the way of pizzazz to your personal relationships and helps you to put right any wrongs. Meanwhile, love planet Venus moves into Capricorn and kind of ensures that you’ve plenty of support at work on once it does, and you should be able to mend bridges too. The sun in Scorpio is all about your roots and plans, and making what you want to see happen, happen. A feeling of being held back also leaves you as Neptune goes forward and this also brings you a golden opportunity to show your talents. The sun in Sagittarius signals party time at the end of the month. Yes, it’s fun time, but it’s also a loving time.


Mars plays a starring role in your horoscope this month, and it’s in exactly the right place to boost your energy levels if they’ve been flagging. It’s in your work zone, which I have to say, is your favourite place because your sign likes to keep busy. You probably feel like you can run a race, but please don’t allow this feeling of being invincible overtake you. Remember that all-important life-work balance, please. As love planet Venus moves into your sister sign of Capricorn, it increases your appetite for fun, and for a little romance in your life. There’s also a full moon in your other sister sign of Taurus, and this is like an emotional vitamin shot that’ll happen around midmonth. The world can be full of great intentions that get nowhere, and this has been down to a backward Neptune in your partnership house, but this planet goes forward at the end of the month and clears up any confusion in your life as it goes.


Jupiter in your sign brightens up your life and if there’s something you’ve got to sort out, then, boy, can you do it in such style. You think about things and them you apply it to the practical side of life – and you’re also awakening to lots of new influences and taking solid steps forward in the right direction. This is also the time when you close the door on the world and enjoy intimacy if you’re in a couple. Single? Mars in Aquarius helps you make a splash in the dating world if that’s what you’re looking for. The sun moves into Sagittarius at the end of the month and you’ll then be in a place where you can streamline finance and box clever, and then turn it around to your own advantage. The end of the month, when Neptune moves forward, brings a spark to job areas that have been floundering.


This is your month and nothing’s going to stand still in your life – unless you want it to that is. You will make impact across the board of your life. Mars moves into Aquarius midmonth, and in doing so, really shakes the roots of your life, and you’re going to be either really blatant or do it in a manipulative way. Mars can make you very active and help you very much indeed up the career ladder, and you’ll be talking yourself up at various points this month. Work and health issues are also well starred, plus this is the time of year when you start to plan for the year ahead, until the 22nd that is, because this is when it’s finances that come into play. You’ll also find that there is ease over family dynamics and especially around midmonth and the full moon in your opposite sign if Taurus. You are in charge and you’ll be loving it.


Your ruler Jupiter gives you a shot in the arm at the start of the month when it connects to fateful Pluto. This is not only a cosmic biggie but it also means that it’s decision time – and it’s all about opportunity and ambition, and I think you need to go for it. Agreed? Love planet Venus moves out of your sign into Capricorn and you think ‘what is my worth in love? You probably want it all! And why not! The other side to this is that it could cost you, so you might, for example, do some Christmas shopping and think that you can buy up absolutely everything you want, so watch you don’t fall into that particular trap. Mars in Aquarius focuses you on your communications and make you extremely forward. The full moon midmonth in Taurus brings a boost at work, and at the end of the month, there could be a house move as Neptune moves forward, or at least some redecorating. Then we come to the 22nd and the move of the sun into your sign – so November’s going to end on its usual high.


Are you a powerhouse or what? Lucky, expansive Jupiter aligns to fateful Pluto in your sign so you are going to be on fire in your career that’s for sure. You’re going to be generally sparkier and break out of that shell you’ve been hiding in. Magic will happen also as a result of loving Venus’s move into your sign that’ll help you look towards you love life – and maybe even a party or two, because Venus, let’s not forget, ranks fun and pleasure above all else. If a relationship’s been in the doldrums, it’s going to pull you right out of them if you want this to be the case. Mars also helps fire up your ambition, and Neptune’s move forward helps clear up confusion at work at the end of the month. Financially, you will have an edge and know your worth, but it’s getting it that really counts for so very much. As luck would have it, you’re going to be very good at negotiations.


The days are shorter and the nights are getting longer, but you’ve got Mars on your side because it moves into your sign this month, so things are definitely looking brighter for you. This is the month to put yourself forward and put your own needs to the top of the pile if you’ve been playing second fiddle for far too long. Love planet Venus in Sagittarius is also a fun place to be, that’s until midmonth anyway, as this is when you feel things deeply and perhaps go a bit quieter. Lucky Jupiter also works its magic, especially at the end of the month, and you’re brimming with ideas as a result. If it has felt like you’re walking through mud financially, this has been down to Neptune backward in Pisces, but the good news is that it’s going forward at the end of the month and this is when you can make your mark as well as afford to take a few more chances.


The sun in your sister sign of Scorpio makes life easier. A hell of a lot easier. For starters, lucky Jupiter is also helping you with your long-term plans so please don’t give up on them. Push on with them with all that you have, and you could see a plan come in to fruition by the end of the month. Yes, Pisces, I’ve a feeling that this is a time to put foundations in place and things will stand up for years to come. Neptune backward in your sign has caused flooding of emotions, but it goes direct this month, so it’s back in that place of making dreams come true for you. You’re strong and direct and I absolutely love it for you. The sun moves into Sagittarius on the 22nd and you’ll be under the spotlight and extremely single-minded. Love planet Venus in Capricorn can bring the soul mate or reinvigorate a relationship spectacularly. That Jupiter connection at the start of the month that I was talking about should feed you something quite wonderful, like a gift, by the end of the month.

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