Gardening Horoscope for Aquarius

Being the avant garde sign of the zodiac, you would be looking to nurture a feng shui garden, so bamboo grasses, bonsai trees, either miniature or full size, would be very appealing.

If possible, a miniature orchard would be very therapeutic, growing pears, plums and all fruits bore from the trees. Your flower is the orchid and, although hard to grow in this country, is not entirely impossible. Apple blossom is may be an easier option to nurture.

Always one to be different, the fruits for you are kumquat and kiwi, in other words anything small and beautifully formed and pleasing to the eye.

An elderberry plant would be good to have in the vicinity, according to your feng shui, and think of all the wine you could make if you had enough. Anything with a new age feel would sit well in your garden or house plants, and the more bizarre the better.