Gardening Horoscope for Aries

Being a very strong, pioneering sign, you always like to be the forerunner in everything, and are always inventive and creative in everything you do.

Standing out from the crowd is what you like so themed gardens would be ideal. Having a common thread running through your foliage is what you want to achieve, but the common thread has to be out of the ordinary, maybe an unusual colour or an imported plant.

Even inside the home you like to be unique. Strong, vibrant coloured plants catch your eye and big plants that make a statement. You like to do things your way in order to attract compliments and comment.

You're into the larger than life element of gardening, and yet are dedicated when taking cuttings from a favourite plant, re-potting it and watching it grow again.

If you are lucky enough to have a large garden, big trees would be your thing. Weeping willows, for example, or flowering trees with a fragrance would demand comment - and that's what you like.

The tree associated with Aries is the Hawthorne and in vegetable gardens success comes with growing shallot onions and leeks.