Sagittarius weekly horoscope 1 October to 7 October

It’s a strong ambitious week, but just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, you can’t help but see the same problems that were there before. The difference now is that you can act on them. You won’t back down to anyone, you won’t allow yourself to be pushed to one side and you’ll definitely stand up to be counted. The full moon in your sister sign of Aries on Thursday connects to Saturn and will shake things up a bit, so try not to get the shakes. You can get through this by being strong and stalwart and looking life in the eye. It’s up to you to stand your ground and to know that what you do is worthwhile. This is only the beginning of a transitory time for you when Jupiter moves, but just keep a handle on old fears and they’ll disappear before your very eyes.

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