Taurus weekly horoscope 1 October to 7 October

Focussing on work and health issues and pushing them to conclusions is what will set you free. At times you feel you’re standing on the ledge of a precipice and that you could plummet at any point, but no more. In fact events this week will be a turning point for you so don’t be afraid to think big. The bigger the better in fact. The full moon on Thursday illuminates what needs to be done but it also illuminates your fears. It’s now time to put all that behind you so don’t be afraid to stand up and be counted. Use your astrological leanings to bolster your new belief system. This is a new beginning for you so don’t allow fear to creep into the equation. You’re down to earth, you’re grounded and you’re focused on an end result. You’ve nothing to fear at all.

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