What do your dreams mean?

I love getting my teeth into your dreams, and I’ve received many many thousands of dream interpretation requests over the years. Here are some of my observations on what seems to preoccupy each sign at night...


You tend to see red in dreams – quite literally. I’ve noticed that a lot of unexpressed anger comes out in the dreams of the Aries people that write to me. Why? Because you can actually be a bit awkward about standing your ground in real life at times. Fitful sleeps when you’re stressed out by what’s happening in your daily life are also a problem. It’s therefore important that you aren’t either mentally or physically confined. If you’d like a dream interpreted personally by me, why not investigate the many advantages my premium membership brings you? Find out how you can trial it here.


Have you dreamt of food lately? How about sex? These dreams are typical of your wonderfully touchy-feely sign. Money is also one of your major concerns, and if you're ever up against it, the symbolism in your dreams is so often related to what you see as the sticking point in a financial or property scenario. Your dreams also often speak of possession and you losing that which is dear to you, or you building something together with somebody else. If any of this rings true in your waking life right now you should seriously consider joining my premium membership, where I personally interpret one dream personally for you per month. Plus a raft of other benefits. Find out more here.


How often do you enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep? If you’re anything like the Gemini people I know the answer’s probably once in a blue moon. So many of your sign complain to me about terrible bouts of insomnia that can be so debilitating to you and knock you out of synch with the rest of humanity. It all stems from an apparent inability to switch off that hyperactive mind of yours. But there are ways around this that I can help you with once you become one of my valued premium members, and you can find out all about the many benefits it brings you right here. I will get you dreaming again.


Have you dreamt of the sea lately? How about a big old house with a labyrinth of rooms? Do you have repeat dreams? Like your water sign cousins, Scorpio and Pisces, you’re a deep-feeling sign that’s full of emotions and feelings. Your dreams likely also have a prophetic quality to them so you really should be writing them down because they offer pointers as to what’s to come in both your life and in the lives of the people that you care for. As one of my premium members you get one dream analysed personally by me per month. Check out its many other benefits here.


Your family, and you expressing that fabulous creative urge, are two of the things that keep you sane. Both are so often played out in your dreams through the various signs, symbols and scenarios that you lions love telling me about. The placement of Jupiter in your chart means that property plays a big part in what you’re dreaming at the moment, and this can quite literally point to a larger residence or perhaps even money luck. You’re also the sign of drama, so night terrors can happen to you, or your dreams will consist of some kind of performance, especially if you’re inhibited in this way in your waking life. Why not consider a trial of my premium membership to find out more about your revealing dreams?


Jupiter’s in your sign so things are on the up for you generally speaking, but with your ruler Mercury backwards right now your frustration with moving forward with halting advance may be seeping into your dreams and stealing the show. I often find that what is going on in work or as regards your health can also be indicated in what you tell me your dreams are trying to tell you. I can certainly help you decode what’s going on once a month via a question you can submit for me to personally consider. It’s all part and parcel of my premium membership.


The late Margaret Thatcher famously survived on an average of four hours sleep a night, whereas most other Librans I know become ratty and distant if they don’t get a full quota of eight most nights. Your sign rules the kidneys and this sense of cleansing and purging is also evident in your dreams. In other words if your subconscious mind doesn’t get an opportunity to fully offload in a decent stretch of sleep, that’s when you could be storing up problems for the future. I can head these off for you by interpreting your dreams, which I do via my premium membership scheme. Why not click here to find out more about it?


Your dreams can be scary. Scarily accurate that is! Like your water sign sisters Pisces and Cancer you shouldn’t dismiss your more literal dreams as they can often point towards what’s going to happen in your immediate future. It goes without saying that sex also features a hell of a lot in your nocturnal visions, but these are more often than not symbolic and as such require a bit of demystifying and decoding by yours truly. My premium membership has many Scorpio devotees and there’s a very good reason for this. Investigate what it can bring to you by clicking here.


Are you a wriggler? Do you sometimes wake up with your head at the opposite end of the bed to where you nodded off? Like other dual signs you can be a person of extremes, so you either have a light and eventful sleep or you’re out like a light. If it’s the latter, your dreams usually point towards either breaking free from restrictive practices or people. You also have Saturn in your sign right now so this type of dream is going to begin to get more commonplace. All the more reason you should be thinking about at least a trial of my premium membership because I personally analyse one dream per month for you as part of the package.


As Mercury goes backwards in your part of the chart, your frustration at being kept off the top spot in life is probably percolating down into your dreams. Wavering levels of self-confidence and being embarrassed publically are also typical dreams that I receive from people born under your ambitious sign. I can help you analyse what’s going on with you personally by personally addressing your dream interpretation question every month. It’s just one of the many benefits my premium membership boasts and you can find out more here.


Weird isn’t the word for what Aquarians tell me visits them during the night! I have to be honest when I say that you’re probably the slowest sign to say sorry even when you know you’re in the wrong, and this stubborn stance that you adopt in the daytime can result in the grinding of teeth or similar physical nocturnal symptoms. Past holidays may also be figuring in your dreams right now, or the one that got away. There’s a reason for this like there is for everything else that we dream about, and I’d be happy to interpret what your subconscious mind and the universe is trying to tell you. It’s all part of my wonderful premium membership. Find out more here.


You're the zodiac’s resident bellwether so whenever a Piscean friend of mine tells me about a dream they’ve had I always make a point of listening carefully. That’s because your dreams verge on the psychic. On a more mundane level, you can also dream about being selfish and people turning against you as a result, probably because it’s so opposite to what you’re like in your waking life. Are you having trouble with a recurring dream? Don’t you wish you could knock it on the head for good? Well the good news is that you can with my help. All you have to do is sign up for a trial of my premium membership.