What do our native Runes say about your Star Sign for Spring?

Below are “3 stone” native Rune Readings for each Astrological sign. The combinations of the stones affect their meaning as does the sign for which they are drawn. Some Rune Beings speak to us all, because we are in this part of the world and because the Cosmic Constellations, Elements and Energies surround us all. We are unique and One with all that is, affecting each other, as well as being affected by one another. Still, for each person, something specific rings through. Some issues apply to everyone currently on the planet.
The blank rune stone indicates a very powerful engagement with the Divine, moving in relationship with our lives. Our own inner choices affect and transform everything we see and do, even more acutely at times when the unknowable is active, engaged with our free will. The runes represent Beings, are symbols or sigils related to tree lore and ancient wisdom. They are also an early alphabet of the North.
The reversed position of any runes changes its meaning in relationship with the question and can often be helpful to our unfolding Self.

Aries - What are the key areas to which the Runes say attention must be paid this Spring?
The Overview Algiz reversed - Protection
Take care of yourself. Look after your own health. Do not blame others for the way you feel. You will be protected by your good manners and showing levels of moderation not particularly natural to an Aries, especially in any ventures with people whom you imagine may be using you. Mutual benefit may come from the cooperation, but if not, you will lose nothing and learn a great deal by staying centred.
The Challenge Raido - Reunion
You are moving towards reunion with your Self, your gifts,your centred, able Being. No need to push.
Just let the river bring you fresh ideas and let yourself release old concepts of limitation. You may have to work alone more than usual to accomplish a useful change. Do let yourself journey alone, towards a new understanding of how connected you are.
The Action (Blank) Odin – The Divine
Accept your Destiny emerging once again. You may need to give up control in an area you find difficult to release. You are creating something new. Trust. Allow your Self-change to happen. You cannot completely control new co-creations, just help shape them as they take their true form. Enjoy rediscovering you. .

Taurus – To which key areas must attention be given this Spring?
The Overview Wunjo reversed - Light
Open your heart to your own inner knowing and the Light of the Sun. Let right action flow through you, rather than pushing towards an old goal. Allow yourself to flow into wholeness, letting the Light shine on your hidden gifts . This is a very new Spring for a Taurean.
The Challenge Hagalaz - Disruption
Your challenge is to release your grip on material reality and experience the wider reaches of the human mind. You may experience this as coming to your senses after a long sleep. You're experiencing severe disruption but are far from powerless within this change. You are now growing to meet the Great Challenge.
The Action Sowelu - Wholeness
You are at the beginning of something new which will be very beneficial for you and your world but patience is required, as it would be if a baby were due. Use your mind well, think clearly and persevere through to the joyful outcome. You may feel as if you are in personal crisis but your steady Taurean energy is needed now. Keep on going till the fruits of your labours emerge.

Gemini – Which key areas will require your attention in the next few months?
The Overview Perth – A Secret Matter
You may find you are dealing with a Phoenix-like transformation. Secret, hidden, inner work has been done and you are rising again from the ashes, renewed. Sharing your new insights from your deep integrity is your gift. You may need to disguise the roots of your wisdom to some degree but the benefits will be felt all around you as you fly high, free of old traps and troubles. External reality will reflect your inner clarity, as you meet your Destiny once again, with broader vision.

The Challenge ( Blank ) Odin – The Unknowable
You are at the end and the beginning. Trust in the Universe is required. You are being asked to accept your highest good, your truest possibilities and all your most blessed dreams coming true. You have shifted and evolved. Recognise that this is so. Allow the unexpected gifts and wonderful due surprises to land in your life.
The Action Sowelu – Life Force of the Sun
Use the Life Force streaming through you to create the form of your unfolding dreams. You may have to admit to yourself that you deserve the Best and let it be given to you. Once more you are letting the Winds of Heaven blow through your life. Enjoy the dance.

Cancer – To which areas must you pay particular attention over the next two months?
The Overview Jera - Harvest
Be patient. Seeds need time to grow. You are developing a new way of engaging with the world through a deeper trust in your own wisdom. Allow. Walk sideways if necessary, rather than rush ahead. You are growing into Yourself. Let it happen gently for now.
The Challenge Laguz reversed - Flow
The key to this transformation is on your inside, allowing yourself to honour your own instincts and act upon them without second guessing yourself. You do not need to work so hard to make things happen, just act upon your inner promptings to rebalance yourself. You need not pay so much attention to what the world says, though this is hard for you because you care and seem to feel the judgement of others deeply. For now you are asked to allow for your own weakness and renew your trust in your inner wisdom.
The Action Dagaz – Breakthrough
You are experiencing a radical transformation in the way you live your life. It is a change for the better but requires a great deal of trust in yourself. It is an uncomfortable time for your tender insides but you have the shell to protect you while this takes place. You will then emerge from the dark into a joyful time of prosperous activity.

Leo – In which direction must you focus your attention in the coming two months?
The Overview Uruz – Strength
Though Leo usually has a very strong sense of Self, currently your journey is through areas of insecurity to reach a new understanding of yourself and your relationship to others in your life. You may need to lose “ the attitude” or let the other person or the job go. Allow for the loss of something or someone you hold dear in order that you might find a new perspective from which to shine in the world, serving rather than demanding service from others.
The Challenge ( blank) Odin – The Unknowable
You are not the one in control when this rune appears in your spread Leo. The Divine is moving in your life to create transformation. You may imagine you are losing everything, as you usually take command. Here, you must allow the radically new you to emerge gracefully.
The Action Inguz – Fertility
Complete any projects left hanging. Make necessary decisions about what to let go. Then open yourself to receive the new, healthier influences, trusting that Heaven is on your side. This is more about moon moved seasons than about The Sun of Will, with which you feel more comfortable. As caterpillars emerge from the chrysalis, they no longer crawl. They feel their wings. They are a new type of being. When you feel your new wings let them dry before trying to fly. The wind will then lift you to fly high again.

Virgo – What needs to be attended to in the coming early Spring?
The Overview Uruz – Ox
You are transforming once more. You are releasing something you deeply value into the world. Now you must let it go and refocus your life. You have been working very hard towards the release. Well done. Your new understanding, created on this journey, will allow you to expand into new wisdom. Your humble service in the world is tremendously creative. Do not be afraid to allow yourself to shine a little, stepping out into the world again.
The Challenge Inguz – New Beginnings
You now have the freedom to let go. The difficult state of mind you have been enduring can be released. You have gained clarity through persistent endeavour. You have the strength to be your own Hero, striding with dignity in the world. You have been in withdrawal to transform a deep pattern which you have now outgrown. You have succeeded. Believe this is so and stride forth!
The Action Dagaz – Transformation Day
You are entering a time of recognition, achievement and good fortune, as a result of your labours. Re-emerge into the Light, still working but doing so joyfully, beyond the isolation, once more in good company. What a breakthrough!

Libra – To achieve balance, where do you need to concentrate as Spring arrives?
The Overview Raido – Journey
You are journeying in your soul to re-find balance, as is your nature. It is your own inner balance you seek to re-establish. There is a great deal of joy on this journey, as you rediscover communication with your Witness Self, your own inner Teacher, whom other see but but whom you often under value.
The Challenge Teiwaz – The Warrior
The warrior here is your Spiritual Warrior. Try to stay out of your own way and let the Will of Heaven flow through you, despite demands from others for you to do things their way. Your challenge is to remain patient with yourself. You are very patient with others, so extend this grace to yourself, as you dig deep within for the pearls of true wisdom growing within you. They are there. Truly.
The Action Isa – Withdrawal
You need patience because you are in a process of rebirth which may demand the sacrifice of a long loved idea. You may be iced in by old habits. Let them go. Others around also need to stop treating you in old ways. Feel Spring bubbling through. What a joy you will be.

Scorpio – Which areas of life need your most powerful focus in the next two months?
The Overview Kano – Opening
Something beautiful is happening within you, affecting everyone and everything around you. You have realised, the more positive you are about yourself, the more positive you can be towards others. You are moving from conditional relationships to freely giving and receiving love. This does not mean a lack of depth but life without unnecessary chains. Mutual understanding can grow as you open to see what is there, rather than guarding yourself and living in fear.
The Challenge Sowelu – The Sun's Energy
You are regenerating. You are also understanding love flows through you, not towards and away from you in limited amounts. Love is a dynamic force which flows into the world through you, as you open up to your true power. Let right action happen in response to the joy you now let yourself feel. The challenge is to be open- hearted, flowing into wholeness, being joyfully alive.
The Action Laguz reversed – Water
Cease striving for a while. Let yourself feel your deep instinctual Self. Allow the flow to happen rather than force it. You are balancing your masculine and feminine energies within. Don't juggle between the two. Marry them within.

Sagittarius – To what must attention be given in the following two months?
The Overview Gebo – A Gift
You are being given the Gift of Partnership in some important way. It may be in a love relationship, a business or another level of partnership with the Divine, which we experience within, as well as reflected in our outer relationships. Remember equal partnerships work best in all things. Let yourself and each other stand strong alone, therefore better able to dance with one another when together. Also remember your inner masculine and inner feminine need to be equals to become the Sacred Union which gives outer integrity.
The Challenge Nauthiz – Constraint
Avoid projecting your weaknesses and shadow parts onto others. Jealousy is not a proof of love. It is a manifestation of insecurity. Whether in work or close relationships both envy and jealousy are unhelpful, creating hardship for all. Any hold-ups in your partnership plans give you time to clear your own baggage, ready for new lessons. Be your own best teacher rather than your own worst enemy.
The Action Ehwaz – Progress
Movement within yourself will be reflected outside you. As you transform, share your insights freely with your partner or partners, giving them the option to share their own insights and ideas. Allow for gradual development of shared projects which will better all your lives.

Capricorn – To which areas of Life must you give most attention as Spring comes in.
The Overview Gebo – Partnership
You are being given the gift of freedom to develop your partnership with the Divine. This year of the Horned Creatures in the Chinese Calendar is also know as the Year of the Goat, with which you are familiar. You will find all partnerships challenging until you centre yourself in partnership with your Self and your Soul's path. After a long, hard climb you have reached the top of the mountain once again. As you go down, with all the insight you gained, you will move into Spring with a real spring in your step.
The Challenge Perth – Initiation
You cannot use your manipulative skills on this part of your journey. The broader vision gained at the peak of the Winter mountain is your secret, powering you through to new depths of insight which may change the way you live in the valleys where other folk dwell.
The Action Fehu – Nourishment
Hearing within at the top of the mountain, you have been nourished. Your deep listening attention also nourishes the Divine. When you return to the lower reaches, remember to share any good fortune which follows. You may also need to reassess what is really important to you. Perhaps the gift of self control is as valuable as any material possession and the will to do good more valuable than gold.

Aquarius – In which direction must you focus your attention over the next 2 months?
The Overview Sowelu – Wholeness
Time for cellular renewal and regeneration of your whole Being. Engaging in timely retreat, you allow yourself to heal and re-emerge as the Sun-filled Being you truly are. You are admitting to yourself that you are a glorious, valuable Being. This has long been denied by yourself and a few key others. The sun within you now shines into the world. The Divine pours through us all when we open our hearts. You're ready to let yourself be given direction by Spirit. How wonderful. Once this is seen and felt, everyone reflects love back to you.
The Challenge Teiwaz reversed.– The Sky God
Staying out of your own way is a real challenge to someone so used to making their own way in the world. Trust. Your spiritual Self knows what to do. At this time you need to recharge, not charge off to war with the world in your old way. Conquer yourself and you do not need to beat others. Do pleasurable things for the joy of it. Stop end-gaining. The results will brighten your smile.
The Action Wunjo – Joy
You have been through the wars and the mill. At last a sense of well being is returning. An understanding has been reached. In this magical time, celebrate your new Self emerging as you feel the power of your Soul. Begin anew.

Pisces – To which area of life do you need to give your deep attention this Spring?
The Overview Jera - Fertile Season
You are patiently awaiting the Harvest, the outcome of some long treasured project and of your struggles into Self hood. The outcome will be good but patience is needed because what has germinated in the dark goes through all the hidden levels of growth and the flourish of flowering before eagerly awaited fruits can be harvested.
The Challenge Ansuz reversed – The Messenger
Any blockages in communication need to be seen as clues to what needs cleared in your inner world. Once your inner weeding is done your sense of Self will be clear and you will also clearly see what must be done to right some past wrongs, affecting your family life or your work. Do not refuse the olive branches out of sense of self-righteousness. Compassion for yourself and others will work wonders.
The Action Berkana – Rebirth
Work on your inner world must be done for this Birch Tree to flourish in your life. Rebirth is no easier than your initial birth. It takes steady labour and much love. You have the spiritual power to carry you across the chasms of doubt and fear. Take Heart. Forgiveness must flow both ways. With loving intent success is inevitable.