Over the last 35 years, Frank has developed a circle of like-minded friends who share his passion for the present and his insight into the past. Astrologers, compatibility experts, healers, life coaches and clairvoyants – they are all known to Frank and respected by him for their individual and life-enhancing skills.

Jason Caddy – Compatibility Astrologer

Jason is an astrologer specialising in compatibility. He is also a skilled tarot reader. Jason is Frank’s protégé and has worked closely with Frank for the best part of ten years, and continues to do so.

During that time his horoscopes have been published in magazines and online. He’s very skilled at employing the power of astrology to accurately unravel the many complexities of human nature. Friendly, insightful, non-judgemental and an active listener, Jason has a knack of bringing out the best in his clients, and counselling them towards a greater understanding of both themselves and their loved ones.

If you’re unsure yet intrigued by a potential new love, are looking to re-connect with a long-term partner, or sick of being lovelorn and want to know exactly when the cosmos is going to give you a break, then Jason is your man.

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Lilian Kennedy – Runes Reader and Life Coach

Lilian is one of Scotland’s ‘Wise Women’, bringing the ancient ways and Standing Stone Culture into modern life through her knowledge of folk lore and esoteric teaching.

Lilian’s been an active student and teacher of Theosophy, Rune Lore and related disciplines for 30 years. She holds Theosophical Society and growth groups in Scotland and attends International gatherings as a Scottish representative of the Edinburgh Theosophical Society.

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