March monthly horoscope


Two powerhouse planets in your sign, Mars and Uranus, could make your temperature rise in what’ll be a fiery month all round. They also connect with two other cosmic big guns, Pluto and Jupiter, so you’ve got it going on Aries. I think, therefore, that this could be the month when you change an awful lot and accept a few challenges that seemed too daunting not so long ago. When Mars hits Taurus midmonth, it’s finances that capture your attention and you’re going to be strong and principled when it comes to money, I reckon. Venus goes backward in your sign and old emotions well up in you and people arrive in your life that remind you of the past, but keep an eye on the future and you’ll make the progress you crave.


We’re getting ready for spring and all the signs are you’re full of the joys of it already. You’re also determined, and I don’t think you’ll lie down to anything. Yes, you’re on the move and you might be better off without a certain person or scenario holding you back, plus your strength returns if it’s been flagging. It’s also a time for healing. Why? Because Mars moves into your sign and you’re going to push like crazy and are full of energy and determination. At the same time Venus decides to go backward and you’ll be feeling a little bit odd and this naturally gets you thinking about times gone by and you’ll be flooded with memories as a result. With Mars in your sign, you’ll be strong and success is within your grasp once you believe it.


Whatever career goals you have, please keep them within the bounds of reality because Neptune is bringing fantasy by the truckload. This won’t last forever thank goodness. Please get ready to make moves elsewhere too, though, and midmonth is great for sorting out domestic stuff and you’ll either be extremely blatant or you’ll do it in such a subtle and quiet way. Whatever changes you see for the long term, it’s important that you involve other people and think big, that way, plans and projects take off like rockets. Love planet Venus retrograde takes you by the hand and leads you on a nostalgic trip down memory lane and people from your past pitching up in your life is a real possibility.


If you step up to the mark you’ll make a very big impression even if you have to roll up your sleeves just a little bit higher than you’d like to in order to truly muck in. Just keep it real. It’s also quite a dreamy time for holidays, but there could be some confusion with authority figures if you’re stuck in your usual routine, or they may not be backing you any longer, or people will be more confrontational. An ambition takes hold of you from the middle of the month and it’s around then that you won’t be palmed off, plus you’ll be fired up becasse you know exactly what you want. Being an observer helps you immensely.


Pay close attention to the plans that you’re making and try to be consistent at the start of March, and any form of negotiation is best left until later on in the month. It’s also time to work out what you really need for yourself, and from mid month onwards, closer management of personal finance is so essential, plus this is when your status in the world and how you’re thought of and whether or not you’re looked up to and admired becomes important to you. You’re also dealing with authority and you might feel like a one-man band, and there could be destiny at work here, too, so the harder you work the better it will be. Being a team player is important. The phoenix could rise from the ashes as the old replaces what you thought was dead and buried.


The sun in your opposite house tells me that you’ll be dealing with yours and other people’s emotions and all your relationships, and you could feel zapped of energy by certain draining individuals, or people will come at you from all angles with their demands. Ideas sound wonderful but please keep it real even if others aren’ particularly. Travel and thought processes are really big indeed and mid-month is when you’ll be in a better position to say what works and what doesn’t and clear out exactly what you no longer need from your life. Your energy returns after the 21st and it’s the long term that counts from here on in, assuming you don’t get caught up in flights of fancy.


Jupiter in your sign makes you happy, but it’s opposite Uranus and squaring Pluto in March so there are hurdles to clear, and it’s important that you don’t let the wool be pulled over your eyes or get too ahead of yourself. This is a spiritual time all the same and one where you shouldn’t ignore your inner voice. Mars moves into Taurus on the 12th and anything to do with jointly held finances sees you very much in charge and strongly focused on whatever you’re planning. There’s also a full moon around this time so please continue to listen to your inner voice as well as any nagging doubts. Your ruler Venus retrograde reacquaints you with the old memory lane number.


It’s a happy month for you in general and you might be in recovery mode – yes you sure have loads of strength and stamina, Scorpio. Mars moves into your partnership house mid-month and what people say and what they offer becomes all the more important to you, while the full moon at around the same time is great for boosting your social world and you’ll be taking on the word or the world will take you on. Your ruler Pluto is also great for helping you know the answer even before the question’s been asked, in that spooky way which is all yours. You make choices for yourself and for others, and work changes and health-wise you’re coming out on top.


Are you any good at juggling? I hope so – because that’s how you’re going to be feeling as you attempt ten different things at once. Your own self-worth also comes into play here and not selling yourself short. Please also watch for any water problems in your home because of what Neptune is doing, but this planet also brings wonderful imaginative ideas your way, and you’re more creative than you’ve ever been. You’re fired up at work after the 12th and there are choices and changes on the way and I think that you’ll be meeting them head on. Love and the past intermingle and you’re feeling nostalgic. Take your time here.


The sun and Neptune’s energies mingling together like they are at the start of the month can muddy the waters, but, at the same time, it’s okay to dream. You might not be the most decisive person on the planet early on in the month, though, even though opportunities are opening up in your career. Mid-month onwards is a fun-loving time and your energy level grows and grows, plus there’s a real buzz about you, and you’ll be arriving at a decision or a change once you’ve thought it through properly. Once the sun moves on the 21st, it’s all about home and hearth and reaping what you’ve sewn.


Money and self-worth. You can’t usually have one, or make one, without the other. Get rich quick schemes aren’t realistic, though, and you really need to avoid all of these types of traps. Be the Aquarian that you are: mundane, feet on the ground and very real – because that’s how you prevent the wool from being pulled over your eyes. Memories are also going to be stirred up in you and you will now appreciate what you want in the here and now because of them, and once the sun hits Aries on the 21st, the pace of life quickens. Look at what can be instead of what can’t be – that’s not to say that you can’t dream big.


It’s your birthday time so it’s your month in lots of ways. You’re also susceptible to strong emotion and you have a lot of psychic ability if only you’d learn to trust it, but there are also illusions around you, so you need to keep it real. Love planet Venus is retrograde and helps you review how you feel now that the dust has settled, and this can also make you extra sensitive. But this month is also about ambition, the 12th of the month being a pivotal day for you. The pace of life quickens after this watershed. Whatever you’re planning, please do it in a gentle way, and when the sun leaves your sign on the 21st followed by a new moon on the 26th, you’ll find that you have the Midas touch.

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