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New year. New you. It’s a cliché, I know, but it’s you to a T. You’re on a mission to free your mind and your life of all the drudgery, you see, with a super-charged sun-Pluto meeting giving the hand of destiny, well, a bit of a helping hand really by upping your self-belief. Simple as. Jupiter and Uranus are also on your case, in the most fabulous way possible, ringing in the changes that’ll expand the opportunities in the outside world. Mercury also goes direct on the 8th and miscommunications then begin to thin out, and this energy shift also brings with it information that you need to deal with, while bringing you what you need to learn about love, especially around mid month and the full moon in Cancer. This is a hot spot for home-based activities. Your ruler Mars moves back into your sign at the end of the month, sounding the cosmic klaxon for you doing all those things that an Aries does best.


Talk about a mine of information and good ideas. As you start 2017, the good ideas are coming thick and fast and dying to bust out of that well-oiled brain of yours. This is when you make waves and see things from more of a reasoned and less of an emotional perspective. It’s all down to the get-together of the sun and Pluto in your sister sign of Capricorn, which, incidentally, also encourages you to question some of your entrenched and rigid views. Before rigor mortis of opinion sets in. At the same time, Jupiter and Uranus are really going at it – and this can free you up in your mind superbly, wake up a latent talent, or extend the sell-by date on what was fast becoming a stale situation. This is also rather fateful, I have to say, and as you adapt to new changes, they will mature in September. Your ruler Venus in Pisces also reminds you what you want from love, and there’s a big career uplift at the end of the month.


I hope you’re prepared for great things, Gemini. If you’ve been following my horoscopes for a while, then you should know by now that I don’t think that you should be sitting down to anything, especially when it comes to career moves – in fact I’d say that you’re really on an upward trajectory in this area. Anything at all to do with the long term, you’ll be regarding ambitiously, and that’s because the sun and Pluto bring destiny and a change of direction, and I also think that you’re on the right track and that you’re going to be making very big impact. Finances improve after the 8th and you tackle what you couldn’t be bothered with previously, and the full moon on the 12th requires a mundane approach to all your expenditure perhaps. It’s necessary so suck it up. The end of the month opens doors and a great gateway of opportunity to the rest of the year.


Boy are you on fire this month. Freedom is playing such a big part in your life – that’s because Jupiter and Uranus are affecting you and you need room to breathe while you gear up for making a splash. It’s wonderful. Whatever you want to do at home, whatever you want to do at work, whatever the changes are that you envisage happening to you at a core level, see them through. Please. Mercury goes forward on the 8th and there’ll be no more crossed wires in love, thank goodness, plus you’re running away from the norm if you’re looking for love – and drawn to staunch individuals and rebels that might not go down well in your circle of friends. The types your mother always warned you about. The full moon in your sign on the 12th is when you make all of these moves and change everything. What a fandabidozi month all round.


Whatever you think up this month that just seems to come from nowhere or that feels a bit like a shot in the dark, can actually grow legs very quickly. You need to muster the courage to hit the ground running. There’s also a wealth of good fortune around you, and doing all the things that you want for you feels naughty but nice. Bound up in all of this of course is your wonderful individuality, and you standing up and being counted. There’s destiny around you early on in the month too, especially over career, yet you’ll also be in charge of this and steering it, in a strange way. You’ll be helped at work, quite immensely it has to be said, by Mercury going forward on the 8th. The move of the love planet Venus into Pisces is fabulous news for your love prospects, and the sun in Aquarius opens up your world after the 19th. Drive things forward and be the guiding light that you are if someone you know is struggling and looking increasingly like they’re not able to soldier on. Make major impact. No standing still now.


What a month. Let’s start with the first wave of good news: your ruler Mercury goes direct on the 8th of the month, mopping up confusion that hung over the festive period, plus you’ll start off the way you mean to finish. Don’t worry if you’re reading this and thinking, eh? because, trust me, all will become clear soon enough. This is also about freedom of movement and for what you want for yourself, and whatever you’re planning, right from A through to Z, should go smoothly. Other people also seem to be more demanding of you too I’m afraid, but this will subside, and by the end of the month, most of the restrictions that have held you back will have fallen away. The full moon midmonth is when some ambitions may drop and some may be brought back to you. Relationships with the outside world are also easier and love isn’t too bad either. Enjoy.


Are you going to change your world or what! In fact you’ve got the whole world in your hands. Yes Libra, as you start 2017, you’re going to see that it’s all to play for – that’s because Jupiter in your sign is opposing Uranus and these two planets sharing the same axis can cause a supernova of opportunity. This is when you will plan it all out yourself and see it work out to your own advantage, and go about things the right way, with harmony and balance, and proving your worth as you go. What a multi-tasker you are at heart. In other news, the steamy and sexy sun-Pluto energy brings up a sense of fateful change in you and stirs up what you need to deal with it, and you shouldn’t fear this. It’s necessary. Midmonth, you’ll streamline career aspirations, and on the 19th the sun in your sister sign of Aquarius eases things and there’s fun and laughter echoing around the unlikeliest places. You can have it all. No standing on the side-lines now, please.


It’s a time for action. You can either be swept away by change or you can take control of it, when the sun meets your ruler Pluto in Capricorn. This is a biggie Scorpio. It brings up a degree of destiny over your ideas and family, true enough, and you really are in charge if you want to be. There’s also a sense of movement, freedom and opportunity encircling you too, because of what Jupiter and Uranus are up to, and you may think that it’ll come to nothing but I don’t think that’s the case at all. This is the best kind of low-hanging fruit. Grab it. Love planet Venus in your sister sign of Pisces lifts your spirits and makes you flirty and charming even when faced with moronic behaviour from others, while the full moon in your other sister sign, Cancer, wants you look at holidays and switch to forward-march in your thinking. Mercury is also direct so you know what you want, opportunities abound, and life feels like you’re living it.


‘Bring it on’ That’s your motto when change starts happening all around you. And it will, Sagittarius. Many of the things that you always sensed were only temporary fixtures might simply fall away, and what you want to bring about, ambition-wise, is yours for the taking. You’re also much more mature in your outlook on life, and not running away from routines like you would normally, and the sun and Pluto also sprinkle destiny over finances, what you want for yourself and what you believe in. This is a time to push with all your might towards what you’ve been denying yourself and leave others to worry about themselves. The sun moves on the 19th into Aquarius and you’ll need no excuse to grab life by the scruff of the neck, and you’ll also easily identify what you need to keep and build on. Romantic chances come and go very quickly. Blink and you’ll miss them.


It’s your birthday time and the gift from the cosmos this month is major change. That’s because of Pluto and the sun in your sign whipping up a storm of it, but this is nothing to lose any sleep over. This is about recognising what you need for you and then chasing it down like it’s the last bus of the night. Jupiter and Uranus are also expanding your career and shaking up the very roots of your life, and opportunity is going to bang on your door at some point. This could be over life in general, love, career, anything – but something will change and I know that you are going to be instrumental in making good things happen for you. The full moon highlights relationships midmonth, while the end of January is also about your sense of worth and finances, so push the Capricorn dream that’s yours and that you may have compromised yourself on. All you have to do is do it. Simple as.


You’ve some cracking ideas germinating in that head of yours, and this is the month to get them out there. You’re also blessed with a newfound sense of having a choice about where you’re heading, while upholding your position in the zodiac as resident righter of wrongs, and there’s plenty of hope and healing surrounding you too. Going off in a new direction stems from news that you hear and that you need to know about, while Venus in Pisces exaggerates your sense of worth and, if you’ve got some money left over from Christmas, please spend it on yourself. You’re worth it. But the 19th is when you get the big guns out because the sun moves into your sign, and this is when you enter your most vital phase of the year, perfectly complemented by the new moon in your sign on the 29th. You can either approach new beginnings gently or you can go in all guns blazing. It’s up to you.


You’ve survived all the stormy weather last year chucked at you and you’re getting the opportunity to put 2016 behind you very quickly. An easier time of it is on the cards, believe me. January is mainly about you now feeling that the time is right for turning a corner, or genuinely turning over a new leaf, not making resolutions because everybody else is. You might be more emotional than usual, too, but maybe that’s because you’re coming to a better understanding of you and what it is that makes you happy. Jupiter in Libra helps you talk things over with people that matter, and stick to a long-term plan if that’s part of the deal, and with Neptune in your sign, you’ll be dreaming just as much as ever. The sun in Aquarius from the 19th encourages you to drag and drop to the recycle bin whatever’s been cluttering up your thoughts.

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