It’s the Spring equinox! time to spring clean your life!

With the spring equinox on the 20th March, it’s time for a cosmic spring clean of your life! Whether that’s emotional, spiritual, physical or financial, here’s my rundown on the best type of cleanse for your sign.


Your sign rules the head in astrology so you’re prone to headaches if you get stressed. This mainly stems from frustration because you like things to happen in an instant, and even more so at the moment because the sun and Uranus are in your sign. But come the 19th of April and the move of the sun into plodding Taurus, your pace of life will slow down ever so slightly causing you to take more of a relaxed approach to life.

Your cosmic spring clean tip: You’ll get the most satisfaction from turning your attention to planning a proper holiday (including a digital detox away from computer screens).


Your throat is your weak spot so don’t strain it by being in company where you have to shout to make yourself heard. Being among quiet and thoughtful people is better for body, mind and soul. You also have a weakness for the good things in life and, as I always say, a little is as good as a lot.

Your cosmic spring clean tip: Moderation is your friend this springtime, although asserting yourself with your usual charm means that you won’t find yourself at the back of the queue. A lick of paint will do your home the world of good as well as your state of mind. Perhaps a move is on the cards? Do you have a nest egg? Perhaps you should invest it in bricks and mortar.


Your sign rules the lungs so this is a great time to fill them with fresh air. Meeting new people makes you feel like you’re going places too, and this is fabulous for your mental as well as your physical health.

Your cosmic spring clean tip: You appear more mysterious to others because you will go a bit more in on yourself than usual. Questioning this, that and the other will matter to you more – but don’t skulk in the shadows as you do. We need you to keep things light! Why not, therefore, make this spring about striking out in new directions? You also rule the hands, so keep yours busy with a hobby.


The stomach and the breasts are the parts of the body your sign rules in the zodiac health map, so no matter your gender, others see you as a maternal figure. Dolling out so much tea and sympathy can, therefore, take its toll on your own health as well your tea-bag bill and leave you with less time to lavish attention on yourself.
Your cosmic spring clean tip: Your ruler the moon is the fastest moving heavenly body across the zodiac so your life is characterised by more ups and downs than most. Your intuition means that you often sense what’s coming in the pit of your stomach. Why not concentrate your spring cleanse on making a pact with yourself to worry less about what others think?


The heart and the back are the parts of the body that your sign rules – which is what makes you so upstanding, noble and strong. By your dramatic standards everything is a tempest, whereas in reality they’re probably nothing more than scattered showers. If you bend a little and learn not to blow everything up to epic proportions, you’ll save yourself a lot of agro.

Your cosmic spring clean tip: Standing up for yourself so that you get your heart’s desire sounds simple, but it takes real guts like yours to get this kind of glory. At the same time there’s little point in pinning all of your hopes on someone unrealistic or being too proud or haughty in a relationship, so learn to dismount gracefully from your high horse.


Your key to happiness is channeling all your nervous energy into something positive so that you don’t end up knitting a blanket of worry. Your sign rules the nervous system, and if you allow anxiety to set in, then irrational fears will drive you. Remember, we become our thoughts.

Your cosmic spring clean tip: There could be travel ahead. Is your passport in date? It’s also a time when you’ll be mentally and physically restless, so take yourself out of your normal routine if you can and look at a new way of living inspired by someone whose lifestyle is a lot less regimented than yours, yet who still manages to tick off every box.


As ruler of the kidneys, I’m suggesting a detox for your sign from all those things that make life so good yet that are so bad for you at the same time. I’m sure you know what I mean! Perhaps you’ve had a lower back problem that’s older than god’s dog. Has it flared up again? This is what happens when you get stressed or don’t balance those scales, Libra.

Your cosmic spring clean tip: How about learning an instrument or signing up for a night class? This planetary alignment could also see the culmination of a legal matter. Maybe you should also investigate some alternative types of pampering?


As the sexiest sign you naturally rule the reproductive organs as well as the not-so-glamorous bowel. Listening to your gut instinct therefore always serves you well, as does ensuring that you maintain good sexual health.

Your cosmic spring clean tip: A power struggle involving your siblings or someone that figures in your day-to-day life could also rear its head. If you look to a solution from the past it will shed light on what is fast becoming a parallel scenario in your present.


You rule the legs in the zodiac and yours are rarely still. You must, therefore, keep busy, in both body and mind, otherwise you will scatter your energy and reach burnout without having achieved a jot.

Your cosmic spring clean: Jupiter is the largest planet and your ruler so you don’t do anything in half measures. Now is when you should grab opportunities and live life like nobody’s watching. Why do you keep smiling to yourself? Have you got a feather up your jumper? Lucky Jupiter also beams you good luck that keeps you eternally optimistic. Don’t feel embarrassed about wanting to self-improve.


Your sign rules the skeleton and the knees – and in a way, this is what you do for the rest of us: hold things together by keeping a watchful eye over the proceedings. But you mustn’t forget about the fun factor – plus May is a bonanza time for creativity.

Your cosmic spring clean tip: You may find yourself retracing your steps like Sherlock Holmes to solve a mystery in your life, or work out why you feel a certain way, quietly and on your own. These are often the conditions in which you work best. But don’t forget about reward and social connections.


You rule the circulation, and what’s the best way to get the blood pumping to those extremities? Well, I reckon that you need to keep moving mentally as well as physically, be fluid and flexible as possible in your views, and don’t let contrariness come between you and what destiny has up its sleeve.

Your cosmic spring clean tip: Uranus is your ruler and it’s in the part of the chart that rules your communications, so don’t write off some of your more unusual solutions to problems. Embracing sudden changes instead of railing against them out of fear, as I said, is the best lift that you can give yourself.


Your sign rules the feet and there’s definitely a spring in your step this weather. But it’s also easy to neglect our feet, in the same way that you can sometimes overlook your own needs. This is when things begin to fall apart in your life.

Your cosmic spring clea tipn: Your ruler Neptune is in your sign so you can tap into a reservoir of intuition, verging on the psychic. But your spring clean is about a lot more than that – it’s about being in the right place at the right time, and voting with those feet of yours. Do what pleases you and not other people, instead of pretending you want to be in a scenario and then escaping into your head when reality hits home.

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