Sun, 22/10/2017

Yearly Horoscope for Sagittarius


With Saturn in your sign, where it’ll remain until the end of the year, it’s been a maturing time for you. This planet is helping you build firm foundations in your life from the bottom up that will stand the test of time, and, yes, there’ll be hold-ups but this is the stuff that makes your future stronger and brighter. I think it’s absolutely brilliant for you. Put all your energies behind...(Please login to read the rest of this horoscope)

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sagittarius Woman

This woman is charmingly frank and also very independent. The housewife role isn't for her as she much prefers to be travelling - even if it's only to work and back. More likely that the journey will be a never ending quest, even though her goal isn't always clear. The Sagittarian woman doesn't like to be pinned down. If she is she's likely to develop a very clever wit, if not a sarcastic tongue. Most of the time she's cheerful and open, with many friends and interests to keep her busy. But she likes it to be recognised. This woman can soak up attention...(read more)

sagittarius Man

This man flies higher and reaches farther than any other sign of the zodiac. He's not always good at seeing what's underneath his feet - lesser mortals can be heavily trodden underfoot as he tramps his way through the world. He's the lively one to be found in a group, always at the centre of a debate, he'll be the body to say what he thinks directly, if a little tactlessly. In fact bluntness is his hallmark, but he means no harm. A questor, he's wherever the action is and if there's an ideal attached to it, so much the better. Mostly sunny-tempered,...(read more)

Gem Stone Sagittarius - Topaz

Sagittarians are known for their almost exasperating ability to attract wealth and good fortune, and this is as it should be for a sign ruled by the planet Jupiter - the expansive optimistic ruler of the cosmic lottery. Similarly the energies of the topaz attract wealth and enhance the wearers mood.   The sign of Sagittarius stands for the power of positive thinking, and the topaz succeeds in warding off the hazards of negativity of mind and body. Sagittarius is associated with the temperance card of the tarot. Both the sign, the card and the topaz, channel...(read more)