Thu, 21/09/2017

Monthly Horoscope for Gemini

September 2017

You’re happy to put yourself under house arrest this month and shut the world and all of its problems right out in the cold (let’s hope it’s not too cold though, eh). Even if people around you are feeding off drama, you won’t be. Neither will...(Please login to read the rest of this horoscope)

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gemini Woman

The Gemini woman has her feet on the ground, until she's distracted, then everything falls apart quite quickly. An exciting kind of woman, she wants to know exactly what's going on. Good with her hands, she's not always so good with her head, and in fact can be quite scatty at times. Bright eyed and bushy tailed, she'll survey the picture in front of her, with a questioning glance. Once she's extracted what she needs, she'll dart off to the next project to see what's new and curious there too. She changes her opinions so often that she seems unreliable,...(read more)

gemini Man

The Gemini man's childlike curiosity leads him to forever search for all the pieces of the jigsaw which make up his world. He knows instinctively that collecting information will turn him from an inquisitive apprentice into a master, so his quest will be relentless. His search for answers never ends and he always finds a use for each item of data that comes his way. So he is always learning, communicating and talking. Usually experts at language skills, Gemini men may work with foreign languages, in the communications industry or even the computer world. His...(read more)

Gem Stone Gemini - Agate

Infamous for their multi faceted personalities - no not just known for being the twins of the zodiac - Gemini people require variety in all forms to ward off boredom and to keep life interesting. Because of this, the Gemini gemstone, the agate, does not disappoint. Because the agate comes in so many different colours and energetic properties, this stone can suit every variation in a Gemini's character. A tall order indeed! Red agate or blood agate exudes protective energies that enhance strength, fertility and downright charm and lovability. Its power...(read more)