Tue, 25/04/2017

Monthly Horoscope for Cancer

April 2017

The sun at the top of your chart is sparking with Uranus – and what this means is that you're going to stand out as an individual, and not be afraid to go your own way and set an example, even if it feels like you're rocking the boat. Things come at...(Please login to read the rest of this horoscope)

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cancer Woman

This woman's driving force is the strength of her emotions. Ruled by the moon and all its moods, she's as changeable as the weather. Her feelings and responses provide the basis for all her relationships. Insecure if she's not loved and cherished, she will cling like the proverbial crab to people who provide tenderness and appreciation. But this woman is strong, too! She is just as capable of protecting and nurturing others. Mostly kind and sympathetic, her motto is 'if you love me you won't leave me.' She can be hesitant, preferring to let time pass before...(read more)

cancer Man

The Cancer man has a remarkable self defence system, when he is not busy protecting his family and loved ones that is! Sometimes seen to be crabby and snappy, as his starsign symbol portrays, and this man will take offence if people start to move too close and start to hurt him, even unintentionally. His feelings are soft under that Cancerian shell and he intuitively picks up on other people's motives. A strong fighter and carer on the outside, he is warm hearted and sensitive beneath the surface, but he will only show those tender feelings to the people...(read more)

Gem Stone Cancer - Pearl

It's no accident that Cancer's birthstone, the pearl, bears a resemblance to Cancer's ruling planet , the moon. The watery sign of Cancer and the pearl enjoy an intimate association with the sea and the many cross cultural incarnations of the mother Goddesses - Isis, Diana, Neptune and Aphrodite. Pearls generate a protective nurturing and maternal energy. Their promotion of love and marital happiness corresponds to the inclusion of pearls in traditional bridal wear, in strands worn on the neck or wrist, in earrings, on the tiara or bridal cap, and on the...(read more)