Sun, 22/10/2017

Monthly Horoscope for Aries

October 2017

This sky opens up your social world quite beautifully this month, Aries, and as ususal you’re going to be leading from the front. I also happen to think that you’re going to find out what people are about, what truly motivates them, plus this month’s...(Please login to read the rest of this horoscope)

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aries Woman

The Aries woman is a bit of a Joan of Arc. Give her a cause and she'll fight for it, and everyone around her will know it. Courageous in voicing her opinions, she's often the spokeswoman of the group, for as long as she stays interested. A firebrand if she's ignored, this is not a woman to take lightly. She'll often act on impulse. Act first think later is her motto. She finds it difficult to take advice. Her motivation is to carve a place for herself in the world, and a pinch of danger adds zest to the quest. This woman is capable of fighting her own...(read more)

aries Man

This man likes challenge. His approach to life is to take it head on regardless of obstacles. He'll start a project, and expect people to bend to his rules, but he's not so good at following through himself. A natural leader, he'll automatically have followers. Something of a hero, like Hercules, he needs to be there first. This man has a strong ego, and once his eye is set on a goal nothing will stop him using all the power and control he can muster to get there, so he is often accused of being tactless and arrogant. He is the battering ram of the zodiac,...(read more)

Gem Stone Aries - Diamond

The sun sign of Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, and with Mars being the roman god of war, you'll find the diamond bears a fascinating parallel to this mythological theme. Diamonds are said to grant courage, physical strength and power to the wearer and on reading through ancient antiquities, you will find that ancient roman and Indian soldiers wore diamond rings to bolster their conquering spirits and bring on victory in battle. On a more modern simile, diamonds have been used to tame hostilities in the battle of the sexes. From ancient times until...(read more)