Gardening Horoscope for Virgo

You should have brightly coloured flowers for a bit of panache, as being modest, meticulous and reliable, your choice of garden plants and flowers is the best way to release any frustration or repression you are harbouring.

As a practical earth sign, your garden will either be totally overgrown, although pleasant to the eye, or perfectly minimalist. The house plants in the porch or window sill will be meticulously set out and arranged for the best effect, and will all somehow achieve the same level of growth.

You really do make wonderful gardeners if you get the time. You are good with nut bearing trees, and the oak and Hawthorne, plus you're a dab hand with herbs and spices.

If you have a vegetable patch, your potatoes will probably be excellent as you are attuned to vegetables that grow below the earth, like root vegetables, carrots, turnip, potatoes and beetroot.

Flowers have to be brightly coloured, but small. You are suited to blues and yellows and have a penchant for plants that take over quickly, bursting onto the landscape in a fusion of hues.