Gardening Horoscope for Pisces

Like your Cancerian counterpart, water is a big feature for you where gardens are concerned. If you don't already have a goldfish pond, maybe this is the year you'll build one.

Water lilies and arum lilies are among your favourites, complementing the willow tree which represents your sign. The fact they look beautiful together is an added bonus.

You tend to grow strong plants in your house, strongly coloured plants, too, if you remember to water them. You have such a hectic social life that routine things get forgotten.

Soft shades of green seem to calm you so concentrate more on sturdy plants which don't need much attention. Flowering plants are hard work for you, so look more at surrounding yourself with calming greenery to soothe your mood.

Chicory, saffron and lime all connect to you, and if tending a vegetable garden, lettuce would be your most successful vegetable.