Scorpio - Opal

The energies of the multi coloured opal correspond to Scorpio's affinity for the mysterious. Pluto, the planetary ruler of Scorpio is associated with the roman god of the underworld. Anyone who has spent time staring at the seemingly concealed but changeable colours and facets of the opal, can get an idea of the fascinating qualities of Scorpio.
The opal reflect the mystical and transformative power of Scorpio. The overly simplistic understanding of Scorpio points to this signs association with death, but Scorpio actually rules the entire life process and is better represented by its capacities as a catalyst, which can go in either direction.
The opal bears rejuvenating and beauty enhancing powers too. Wear opals to bring out your inner beauty and to enhance psychic an intuitive perception, as just as Scorpionic energies enhance one's access to hidden potentials and buried treasure, opals can enhance one's ability to uncover hidden sources of wealth and personal power.
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