Sagittarius - Topaz

Sagittarians are known for their almost exasperating ability to attract wealth and good fortune, and this is as it should be for a sign ruled by the planet Jupiter - the expansive optimistic ruler of the cosmic lottery. Similarly the energies of the topaz attract wealth and enhance the wearers mood.
The sign of Sagittarius stands for the power of positive thinking, and the topaz succeeds in warding off the hazards of negativity of mind and body. Sagittarius is associated with the temperance card of the tarot. Both the sign, the card and the topaz, channel healing powers that relieve ailments such as athritis, rheumatism and strains on the immune system.
By now it is indisputable that a clear positive mind can increase ones resistance to disease. Employ topaz to enhance the best potentialities of the mind/body connection.
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