Pisces - Moonstone

The relationship between Pisces and the moonstone recalls the intimate connection between the moon and the sea. Pisces planetary ruler is Neptune associated with the roman god of the sea. The moonstone energises the elemental powers of water and reflects, at times even channels, the cyclical influences of the moon.
Many Pisceans have a natural affection for the sea and this gemstone can protect them on seafaring voyages or while playing and swimming in the water itself. Just as the moon regulates the tides, the oceans waves and the growth cycles on earth, the moonstone can be used to promote these processes on a personal level.
Wearing moonstone can improve your love life. It can bring a new partner into your life, or heal relationships torn by quarrels or misunderstandings. These powers correspond to Pisces magical ability to conjure up romance and glamour and to soothe away disturbing feelings. The ethereal misty nature of Pisces qualifies this sign as one of the shape shifters of the zodiac and indeed wearing moonstone can help you literally change your shape!
Whether you need to gain or lose weight, the moonstone enables you to envisage the shape you want and harness the waxing and waning powers of the moon to aid you in achieving the weight that is right for you.
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