Libra - Sapphire

The sapphire's soothing energies correspond to Libra's ability to promote peace love and harmony. The wearer of a sapphire enjoys enhanced perception of others feelings, concerns and needs, and this awareness increases Libra's ability to compromise and mediate conflicts, as Libra abhors disharmony of any kind in human relationships. The sapphire channels the healing power of love to improve sympathy and faithfulness between partners in intimate relationships.
Its cool blue energies soften angry feelings, and provide a soothing remedy for heated tempers in lovers quarrels. Libra the sign of the scales of justice, is associated with the fair resolution of lawsuits and litigation. The energies of the sapphire harmonise with this objective.
Individuals involved in litigation or legal disputes can befit by wearing or carrying sapphire. The stone will enhance their attunement to, and understanding of, opponents. The sapphire can confer a strategic edge, provided that the wearer employs the advantage towards the realisation of truly fair and equitable results for both sides.
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