Capricorn - Amethyst

You certainly can't go wrong with this beautiful, all purpose, healing and life enhancing stone. Strictly speaking however this stone requires an astrological stretch to relate it to the sign of the mountain goat - or does it?
The planetary rulers of amethyst are optimistic Jupiter and mystical Neptune. Jupiter promotes personal growth, the expansion of ones horizons and hearty laughter, while Neptune promotes mysticism, spirituality, poetry and other vaporous misty modes of experience. Neither of these influences matches the everyday understanding of practical materialistic Capricorn.
Amethyst enjoys a mythological association with the ancient gods of the vine. Dionysus and Bacchus. Here we discover the connections between the usually materialistic Capricorn, the raucous partying instincts of Jupiter, and the spiritual escape of Neptune. In many ancient cultures the god of the vine was also known as 'the horned god' the one with the body of a goat - just like the Capricorn mountain goat.
Capricorn has a hidden joyous and even bawdy side that revels in the changing of the seasons, the cycles of life and the wealth of the good earth. The amethyst has the ability to relieve hangovers and alcoholism, and this reflects Capricorn's sober side. The key to understading Capricorn is to focus on its rulership of the cycles of time and its demand, consistent with the properties of the amethyst, for moderation in everything - even moderation in moderation, as Capricorn's occasional dips into the well of ecstacy confirm. it complementes their sign. Their flower is pansy.
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