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Gem Stones

Aries - Diamond

The sun sign of Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, and with Mars being the roman god of war, you'll find the diamond bears a fascinating parallel to this mythological theme. Diamonds are said to grant courage, physical strength and power to the wearer and on reading through ancient antiquities, you will find that ancient roman and Indian soldiers wore diamond rings to bolster their conquering spirits and bring on victory in battle.

On a more modern simile, diamonds have been used to tame hostilities in the battle of the sexes. From ancient times until now, the gifts of a sparkling diamond has been known to quell the jealousy or anger of a lover in the most delightful--and speedy-- way. No wonder they say diamonds are a girls best friend!! Another pleasant property of the diamond it is said, is its ability to enhance sexual responsiveness and fertility. I wonder why!

So, bravery, physical strength sex drive and fertile are qualities attributed to Aries, who are also known for their pioneering drive to forge new trails and rise to every challenge. Think about it, with Mars endowing them with healthy sexual vigour channelled into their powerful and energetic approach to life, no wonder the diamond associated with the element of fire, brings out the Arian personality with such egotistical overtones.

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Taurus - Emerald

The luscious green of the emerald reflects this stone's connection to the earth in all its abundance. Both Taurus and the emerald are ruled by Venus the planet of love and beauty, and enjoy a mythological association, naturally, with Venus the goddess of love. Many astrologers would also argue that the planet earth serves as a co-ruler of Taurus. Emeralds have the power to attract earthly abundance in the form of love, money and material pleasures.

It has been said that wearing emeralds eases breathing, clarifies eyesight and thought patterns and improves communication, so if you're applying for a loan, asking for a rise or on the search for a soul mate - wear an emerald! Sultry sensual Taurus has a healthy appetite for the material pleasures of the earth. Good food, good wine and of course good loving.

Because Taurus rules love and money, Taurean subjects have a distinct affection for wealth. Many Taureans become the frugal - sometimes downright stingy - managers of other people's money, but they display a weakness for generosity with their own funds, especially when spending allows them to share material pleasures with loved ones.

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Gemini - Agate

Infamous for their multi faceted personalities - no not just known for being the twins of the zodiac - Gemini people require variety in all forms to ward off boredom and to keep life interesting. Because of this, the Gemini gemstone, the agate, does not disappoint. Because the agate comes in so many different colours and energetic properties, this stone can suit every variation in a Gemini's character. A tall order indeed!

Red agate or blood agate exudes protective energies that enhance strength, fertility and downright charm and lovability. Its power to enhance the friendliness and good nature of the wearer corresponds to Gemini's qualities of charm, humour and light heartedness. Banded agate, black agate, red, brown and tawny agate bear fiery energies that encourage the wearer to practice assertiveness. Black, white, green, and moss agate, bear earthy energies that protect the wearers health.

Specifically the wearer of green agate is thought to enjoy enhanced eyesight - a property that corresponds to the well known sparkle in a Gemini's eyes. In addition to its life lengthening healing powers, moss agate brings abundant treasure in the forms of flourishing gardens, material wealth and joyous friendships. Communicative Gemini tends to have sensitive nerves easily strained by information overload. Blue lace agate worn in jewellery or hand held, helps Gemini shed the tensions of every day life and maintain serenity at home and in relationships.

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Cancer - Pearl

It's no accident that Cancer's birthstone, the pearl, bears a resemblance to Cancer's ruling planet , the moon. The watery sign of Cancer and the pearl enjoy an intimate association with the sea and the many cross cultural incarnations of the mother Goddesses - Isis, Diana, Neptune and Aphrodite.

Pearls generate a protective nurturing and maternal energy. Their promotion of love and marital happiness corresponds to the inclusion of pearls in traditional bridal wear, in strands worn on the neck or wrist, in earrings, on the tiara or bridal cap, and on the dress itself. Lovers of water and aquatic recreation by and large, Cancerians will appreciate the South Pacific tradition of wearing or carrying a pearl to ward off shark attacks.

Pearls also ensure domestic harmony by protecting family heath, preventing house fires and promoting fertility and longevity. The varied shades and colours of peals reflect the shifting moods of Cancer. These traits in turn correspond to the various phases of the moon. Black or blue pearls are worn as good luck charms. Yellow pearls invite material good fortune. Red pearls enhance intellectual abilities and pink pearls bring the comforts of the good life.

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Leo - Ruby

The fiery red ruby is the perfect birthstone for fiery drama loving Leo. The flashing fire, warmth and power of the gemstone reflect the warmth and purity of Leo's loyal and loving heart. Indeed the heart is the part of the body associated with Leo, and no other stone is incorporated in heart shaped jewellery as often as the ruby.

The energies of the ruby correspond beautifully to the best qualities of proud Leo the lion, and those familiar with the tarot cards will recognise the image of the lion in the strength card. No animal is as protective of it brood as the mighty but loyal lion. Think of a lioness with her cubs!! Similarly the ruby brings both physical protection and spiritual strength to its wearer.

Rubies promote domestic and personal well being by warding off danger, fear and negative thought patterns. They also protect the body from the invasion of disease, and invite wealth power and joy.

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Virgo - Sardonyx

Traditionally identified as Virgo's birthstone, the sardonyx promotes clear expression, healthy marital relationships and a positive state of mind. Because the sardonyx is a fire stone - ruled by the planet of Mars and associated with the warrior god of the same name - the assignment of this birthstone to Virgo raises problems. Virgo is an earth sign ruled by Mercury and associated with Mercury the god of communication.
To find a correspondence between this sign and the sardonyx requires an interpritive strength that would offend the integrity of those born under the sign of the virgin!! The varieties of agate associated with the element of earth provide a truer match for Virgo. Black and white agate, green agate and moss agate are associated with the Virgo's planetary ruler, airy Mercury, but they bear earthy energies that protect the wearers health, and we all know that protection of health is a distinctly Virgonian function.
Green agate emits energies that purify the eyes - and clear eyesight satisfies Virgo's need for truthful perception of earthly realities. The energy of moss agate promotes abundant garden growth evocative of Virgo's association with Ceres the roman goddess of grain and harvest.
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Libra - Sapphire

The sapphire's soothing energies correspond to Libra's ability to promote peace love and harmony. The wearer of a sapphire enjoys enhanced perception of others feelings, concerns and needs, and this awareness increases Libra's ability to compromise and mediate conflicts, as Libra abhors disharmony of any kind in human relationships. The sapphire channels the healing power of love to improve sympathy and faithfulness between partners in intimate relationships.
Its cool blue energies soften angry feelings, and provide a soothing remedy for heated tempers in lovers quarrels. Libra the sign of the scales of justice, is associated with the fair resolution of lawsuits and litigation. The energies of the sapphire harmonise with this objective.
Individuals involved in litigation or legal disputes can befit by wearing or carrying sapphire. The stone will enhance their attunement to, and understanding of, opponents. The sapphire can confer a strategic edge, provided that the wearer employs the advantage towards the realisation of truly fair and equitable results for both sides.
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Scorpio - Opal

The energies of the multi coloured opal correspond to Scorpio's affinity for the mysterious. Pluto, the planetary ruler of Scorpio is associated with the roman god of the underworld. Anyone who has spent time staring at the seemingly concealed but changeable colours and facets of the opal, can get an idea of the fascinating qualities of Scorpio.
The opal reflect the mystical and transformative power of Scorpio. The overly simplistic understanding of Scorpio points to this signs association with death, but Scorpio actually rules the entire life process and is better represented by its capacities as a catalyst, which can go in either direction.
The opal bears rejuvenating and beauty enhancing powers too. Wear opals to bring out your inner beauty and to enhance psychic an intuitive perception, as just as Scorpionic energies enhance one's access to hidden potentials and buried treasure, opals can enhance one's ability to uncover hidden sources of wealth and personal power.
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Sagittarius - Topaz

Sagittarians are known for their almost exasperating ability to attract wealth and good fortune, and this is as it should be for a sign ruled by the planet Jupiter - the expansive optimistic ruler of the cosmic lottery. Similarly the energies of the topaz attract wealth and enhance the wearers mood.
The sign of Sagittarius stands for the power of positive thinking, and the topaz succeeds in warding off the hazards of negativity of mind and body. Sagittarius is associated with the temperance card of the tarot. Both the sign, the card and the topaz, channel healing powers that relieve ailments such as athritis, rheumatism and strains on the immune system.
By now it is indisputable that a clear positive mind can increase ones resistance to disease. Employ topaz to enhance the best potentialities of the mind/body connection.
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Capricorn - Amethyst

You certainly can't go wrong with this beautiful, all purpose, healing and life enhancing stone. Strictly speaking however this stone requires an astrological stretch to relate it to the sign of the mountain goat - or does it?
The planetary rulers of amethyst are optimistic Jupiter and mystical Neptune. Jupiter promotes personal growth, the expansion of ones horizons and hearty laughter, while Neptune promotes mysticism, spirituality, poetry and other vaporous misty modes of experience. Neither of these influences matches the everyday understanding of practical materialistic Capricorn.
Amethyst enjoys a mythological association with the ancient gods of the vine. Dionysus and Bacchus. Here we discover the connections between the usually materialistic Capricorn, the raucous partying instincts of Jupiter, and the spiritual escape of Neptune. In many ancient cultures the god of the vine was also known as 'the horned god' the one with the body of a goat - just like the Capricorn mountain goat.
Capricorn has a hidden joyous and even bawdy side that revels in the changing of the seasons, the cycles of life and the wealth of the good earth. The amethyst has the ability to relieve hangovers and alcoholism, and this reflects Capricorn's sober side. The key to understading Capricorn is to focus on its rulership of the cycles of time and its demand, consistent with the properties of the amethyst, for moderation in everything - even moderation in moderation, as Capricorn's occasional dips into the well of ecstacy confirm. it complementes their sign. Their flower is pansy.
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Aquarius - Aquamarine

A strong association with the sea makes the aquamarine a natural match for Aquarius the sign of the water bearer. Aquarius is known as a visionary sign, and the aquamarines properties energise visionary psychic powers. Many an Aquarian knows the frustration of having ingenious ideas and waiting years, yes even decades, before the ideas gain popular understanding or appreciation.
Aquarians tend to get so absorbed in their projects they've over the years gained the reputation of being the mad scientists or absent minded professors of the zodiac. The protective powers of the aquamarine can keep the Aquarian out of dangers way as he or she wanders around lost in thought.
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Pisces - Moonstone

The relationship between Pisces and the moonstone recalls the intimate connection between the moon and the sea. Pisces planetary ruler is Neptune associated with the roman god of the sea. The moonstone energises the elemental powers of water and reflects, at times even channels, the cyclical influences of the moon.
Many Pisceans have a natural affection for the sea and this gemstone can protect them on seafaring voyages or while playing and swimming in the water itself. Just as the moon regulates the tides, the oceans waves and the growth cycles on earth, the moonstone can be used to promote these processes on a personal level.
Wearing moonstone can improve your love life. It can bring a new partner into your life, or heal relationships torn by quarrels or misunderstandings. These powers correspond to Pisces magical ability to conjure up romance and glamour and to soothe away disturbing feelings. The ethereal misty nature of Pisces qualifies this sign as one of the shape shifters of the zodiac and indeed wearing moonstone can help you literally change your shape!
Whether you need to gain or lose weight, the moonstone enables you to envisage the shape you want and harness the waxing and waning powers of the moon to aid you in achieving the weight that is right for you.
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